What Year Is This Again??? Georgia’s Shorter University Requires Employees To Vow Against Pre-Marital Nookie And Gayness

ShorterUniversity1: Floyd County Board of Commissioner Eddie Lumsden (left) and Rome Mayor Wright Bagby, present Shorter president Harold Newman with a proclamation on Tuesday. (Ryan Smith, RN-T.com)

Should an employer be able to tell their workers what to do in the bedroom? Continue »

*Exclusive* Mary Harvey (Steve’s Ex) Arrested Over Weekend, New Pictures With Lesbian Lover, And New Video Rant! [Video]

Mary’s new girlfriend appears to be “Shanae Hall” seen in these exclusive pictures getting it in at the club over the weekend.

Turn the page to see more pictures and for her rant about getting arrested cursing about Ex Steve Harvey.

Internet (Odd Future): The Boyish Looking Chick Drops Video With Her Kissing Girl And Doing Lines Of Coke “Coca**e” [Video]

Hmm… wonder if Tyler The Creator is into doing coke and kissing boys? Probably…

So Much For SuperUgly… Guess How Camel Got Pretty For His Concerts This Weekend?

Jay-Z and Lebron James with Rich Paul

What “manly” business did Jay-Z get into with Lebron before his “Watch The Throne” concert’s this weekend? Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Meet Amiyah Scott...

This is Amiyah Scott. Isn’t she beautiful? Continue »

Congratulations: Lesbian Couple Crowned Homecoming King And Queen In Cali

lesbian homecoming couple

Two California high school students became one of the first lesbian couples crowned homecoming king and queen in the nation this weekend. Continue »

In Swirly Same-Sex Matrimony-dom News: “Sex And The City” Actor Mario Cantone Jumps The Broom With Longtime Boo

mario cantone jerry dixon

Add comedian and “Sex And The City” actor Mario Cantone to the list of gay celebs who have recently tied the knot thanks to New York state legalizing same-sex marriage. Continue »

Gayest Video Ever: This Is Lil B’s Brain On Drugs!


Lil B releases a new video rocking women’s costume jewelry and the first line of lyrics are “The Rap Game Is Getting Shady”! Continue »

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