Gay: What Kind Of A Sick Twerk Team Is This?? [Video]

This is not for the straight men readers. This is for women with friends name “Tuan” and men who like… well, you know.

Exclusive With Pop Star Jason Derulo: Proves He’s A Ladies Man, Talks About Thirst, Tactics, And Rumors! [Video]

Jason Derulo sat down with Jonesy and revealed his tactics for getting women in a mood, his addiction to having sex with different women, and more! Continue »

For Discussion: Study Shows That Bisexual Men Do Exist. Thoughts?


Looks like you can’t just write off bisexual men as just “gay” any more. Continue »

RihRih Loves Up On Her Lady Friends In Sardinia

Rihanna tweets from the club

RihRih has been having a good old time gettin’ it in with gal-pals while vacationing abroad. Continue »

These Pervert Politicians Never Learn… Puerto Rican Senator Toots His Bare Booty Up For Pics Posted On Gay Website

Roberto Arango

Last time we checked “Bend over and spread ‘em” was a term reserved for law enforcement officials, not Senators. Continue »