Shook Ones: Former Peen State Penn State Coach “Scary” Jerry Sandusky Waived His Right To Preliminary Hearing

We believe there is a very good reason that Sandusky and his lawyers pulled this little move… Continue »

For Discussion: Should Teachers Be Allowed To Talk About Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, And Bisexual Issues In Public Schools??

Would you want your little one learning the ins and outs of gay life in elementary school?? Continue »

Hulk Hogan: I’m Not Gay, Ex-Wife Is Lying About Me Choppin’ Down the Backs of Brutus The Barber “Beefcake”

Hulk Hogan Denis Affair with Brutus The Beefcake Barber

Hulk Hogan is finally defending himself after his ex-wife Linda put that azz all the way on blast: Continue »

A House Divided: “Nasty” Newt Gingrich’s Gay Half-Sister Says “Eff Him, I’m Voting For Obama”

This should make for an awkward moment at the next family dinner. Continue »

The Jig Is Up! NJ Mayor Resigns After Being Accused Of Gay Pay For Play

Welcome to the internet age Chris MyersContinue »


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