You Can Stop With The Petition Now. Sesame Street Confirms That Bert And Ernie Are Straight As Two Arrows

bert and ernie

Bert and Ernie have been all over the news thanks to one group advocating that the duo wed, but it looks like their pleas will go unanswered. Continue »

For Discussion: Should The People Behind Sesame Street Let Bert And Ernie Make Honest Men Of Each Other??

Should Bert And Ernie Get Married??

Now that same-sex marriage is legal in the state of New York, where Sesame Street is, a petition has appeared online asking that Bert and Ernie be allowed to experience matrimonial bliss. Continue »

Damn, Girl! Snoop From “The Wire” Pleads Guilty To Heroin Charges

snoop jail

Snoop should have left that sh*t on the television show… Continue »

Race Matters: HIV Rates Up Nearly 50 Percent For Gay Black Men

gay black men and AIDS

This is upsetting… It’s not a game people, please strap up! Continue »

New Miguel Music Video “Quickie” [Video]

Miguel Says “He Doesn’t Want To Be Loved.”
Continue »

A 5th Eddie Long Accuser Comes Out!! [Video]

For The Record… The 5th Eddie Long Accuser Is Not Nene!

SMH@the way it jumped into the limo and sped off.

Did Love Inspire Queen Latifah To Get Healthy?

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah isn’t giving up her fight against fat… and the way we hear tell it’s all part of a battle to win back her beloved. Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Steven Retchless male pole dancer

This character Steven Retchless just made it to the semi-final of “America’s Got Talent” for his amazing pole dancing skills. SMH. Continue »