U.S. Soldier Comes Out The Closet On Youtube To Father Live After Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy Is Abolished [Video]

Poor guy…

In a series of YouTube videos leading up to the repeal, one US soldier based in Germany, Continue »

Fill In The Blank: Mayweather Slobs On Ortiz’s ______ Like Corn On The Cob

Floyd Kisses Ortiz

With the Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight taking place within the next 24 hours in Vegas, Money Mayweather is going hard for his money. Continue »

America’s Next Top Model’s Favorite “He-She” Is Back!: Isis King Is On His Her Its The New Cycle [Video]

Isis is just trying to inspire all the lil Fee-Fee’s and Antoine Dodson’s out there! Whaaaaat? Continue »

Chris Bosh Vs Skip Bayless: Bosh Confronts Skip About “Bosh Spice” (Gay) Name [Video]

Everyone knows Chris’ soft a$$ wouldn’t hurt a feeling.

Gay: What Kind Of A Sick Twerk Team Is This?? [Video]

This is not for the straight men readers. This is for women with friends name “Tuan” and men who like… well, you know.


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