Herman Cain Thinks Being Gay Is A Choice… And Here’s Why! [Video]

Maybe this guy isn’t so bad after all… Just Kidding.

Love Me Some S/Him: Celebrity Close Encounters Of The Trans-Kind

Celebrity transgender encounters

Sometimes it’s dark, it gets late, and you can’t spot an adam’s apple the way you would during daylight hours. Continue »

Rest In Peace: 15-Yr Old Gay Youtube Star “Jamie Hubley” Commits Suicide (Video & Last Blog) [Video]

“I hate being the only open gay guy in my school… Continue »

Gay: Male Highschool Cheerleader Kicked Off The Varsity Squad For Kissing Another Boy [Video]

boy cheerleader kicked off squad for kissing male

SMH at the school suspending him for a lil PDA: Continue »

In White Folks News: Guy That Plays The Gigolo In HBO’s “Hung” Admits He Was A Gay Hooker In Real Life

thomas jane hung


Thomas Jane picked up a few tricks of the trade before he was cast on HBO’s gigolo drama “Hung.” Continue »

Suspect Side Eye News Of The Day: Ex Assistant Reveals Twitter DM’s Between Zesty Male Singer And Breezy

Chris Brown songwriter Martyn

We don’t really buy this, but it’s such pure comedy we had to share it with you. Continue »

“Is My Son Gay?” Is Probably The Dumbest Idea For A Phone App Ever


This is just stupid. Continue »


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