Watch This Gay Arab Boy And Sister Twerking It In A Traditional Muslim Get Up [Video]

What part of the game is this? Continue »

Sad Irony: 19 Year-Old Gay Filmmaker For “It Gets Better” Commits Suicide

Unfortunately, things did not get better for this young man… Continue »

Hi Hater: Pope Benedict Says Gay Matrimony-dom Is A Threat To Humanity’s Future

Pope Benedict

Well that’s a bit dramatic, wouldn’t you say? Continue »

Cartoon Swirl: Archie Comics Reveals Controversial Cover Of Gay Character’s Marriage To A Black Man In January Issue

Archie Comics Gay Wedding

Here is the highly anticipated cover for Archie Comics that shows it’s gay character, Kevin Keller’s, marriage to partner Clay Walker. Continue »

Catholic Church Asking Catholic Gays Not To Get Freak On… In The Name Of The Lord! [Video]

The Archdiocese of Hartford said it’s implementing a new program that ministers to people with same-sex attractions.

Continue »

What’s Wrong With This Picture???

There is a LOT wrong with this picture, but it gets even deeper, peep the fawkery after the jump. Continue »


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