For Discussion: T.I. Says “Over Sensitive” Gay Activists Defending Their Rights Are Anti-American

T.I. Says Gay Activists Impede On The First Amendment Rights Of Those Who Don't Support Them

This T.I. Vibe cover article is just starting all types of isht, isn’t it? Continue »

Should GLAAD Be Glad? Fat Joe Says, “It’s 2011 If You’re Gay… Rep Your Set!” [Video]

Fat Joe

He also says hip-hop is run by the “gay mafia.” Continue »

Cuba Gooding Jr Making Out with Men on The Low?

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Wow! There’s been lots of speculation about Cuba, but now a former Hollyweird publicist is throwing him under the bus Continue »

GLAAD Is Watching You: Brett “First Girl To Give Me Brains Was Actually A Guy” Ratner Resigns From Oscars For Homophobic Slur Slip!

brett ratner serena williams

GLAAD is like the toughest gang out these days. Just ask Brett Ratner Continue »

What Year Is This Again??? Georgia’s Shorter University Requires Employees To Vow Against Pre-Marital Nookie And Gayness

ShorterUniversity1: Floyd County Board of Commissioner Eddie Lumsden (left) and Rome Mayor Wright Bagby, present Shorter president Harold Newman with a proclamation on Tuesday. (Ryan Smith,

Should an employer be able to tell their workers what to do in the bedroom? Continue »

*Exclusive* Mary Harvey (Steve’s Ex) Arrested Over Weekend, New Pictures With Lesbian Lover, And New Video Rant! [Video]

Mary’s new girlfriend appears to be “Shanae Hall” seen in these exclusive pictures getting it in at the club over the weekend.

Turn the page to see more pictures and for her rant about getting arrested cursing about Ex Steve Harvey.


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