SMH: Gay Couple Suing Republican Lawmaker In Colorado For Using Engagement Pic In Smear Campaign

gay couple sue colorado lawmaker

Damn, these politicians stay smearing, and unfortunately this gay couple from Jersey is the butt of one Colorado smear campaign. Continue »

Bossip Exclusive: Travis Winfrey aka “Omar” From Single Ladies Says “I’m Not GAY! My Tongue Is Used For…” [Video]

Umm… ok.

Elsewhere In The World: Hong Kong Tycoon Offers $65 Million “Marriage Bounty” To Any Man Who Will Marry His Lesbian Daughter

gigi chao and cecil

This man has allegedly been intimate with over 10,000 women, so you would think he would be supportive of his daughter’s sexuality…right???? Wrong. Continue »

Ann Coulter “Civil Rights Was NOT For Gays… It Was For Black People!” [Video]

Damn… she is telling the truth on civil rights.

Continue »

Watch A Dainty Brazilian Man Teach Some Chocolate Beauties How To Afro-Samba [Video]

“Good Lord!” The two chocolate colored honey’s closest to the camera… Good Lord! Continue »