Ann Coulter “Civil Rights Was NOT For Gays… It Was For Black People!” [Video]

Damn… she is telling the truth on civil rights.

Continue »

Watch A Dainty Brazilian Man Teach Some Chocolate Beauties How To Afro-Samba [Video]

“Good Lord!” The two chocolate colored honey’s closest to the camera… Good Lord! Continue »

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Queen Latifah’s Old Boo Celebrity Trainer Jeanette Jenkins Gets New BET Body Makeover Show

No more excuses for being chubby lumpkins! EBT is gonna help y’all get bangin’ bawwwwdies courtesy of Jeanette Jenkins Continue »

Quote Of The Day: Paris Hilton Says “Gay Men Are Disgusting… Dude, Most Probably Have AIDS”

Paris Hilton

Wait, is this disease-ridden, ho-hoppin’ bopper really talking about somebody else being promiscuous??? Continue »


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