Hate Crimes: Gay Couple Attacked And Beaten On The Streets Of Charlotte For Their “Sexual Orientation”

gay couple attacked

A gay couple in North Carolina was beaten to a bloody pulp for walking down the street and being gay… Continue »

Britney Spears Panics Over Who To Send Home, But Why Does Will. I. Am Look So Gay? [Video]

If he’s gay… he’s gay!

Continue »

Gay: Watch Stevie J Kiss Lil Wayne On The Mouth!!! [Video]

What can we say? Stevie Gay talks about kissing Lil Gayne in the mouth Continue »

Gay-Gay: Sim Goodson “Adam’s Apple” [Video]

Question to the masses: If you are NOT gay in any way and someone randomly asks you to do a skit as a woman… would you?

Continue »

Moving The Gay: Texas Gay Couple Says They Are Victims Of Hate Crime After “Leave Or Die F@gs” Is Painted On Porch [Video]

SMH @ Comparing it to black folks Civil Rights struggle again…

Continue »


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