For Your Information: Baptist Georgia College’s Anti-Gay Pledge And Ban On Premarital Sex Causes Entire Faculty To Quit

A Georgia college’s controversial “personal lifestyle statement” which includes rejecting homosexuality has caused to students and staff to leave Continue »

Think Your “Gaydar” Is On Point? New Study Shows You Might Be On To Something!

Can you point a gay person out on sight? Continue »

Let’s Be Honest: Raven Symore Speaks On The Rumors About Her Liking Girls

Raven Symone and AzMarie

Raven Symone took to her Twitter Friday to respond to rumors that she is chopping down and shacking up with “America’s Next Top Model” beauty AzMarie Livingston.

Her answer? It’s her personal business:

Hit the flip for all of her tweets

Another Black Flamboyant Gay Student Suspended: Tried To Rock A “Skirt, Pumps, And Wig” To School! [Video]

Who wants to explain to their son why another boy is wearing skirts, pumps, and a wig to school blowing kisses at other dudes? Continue »

Trapped In The Closet: Did Obama Accidentally Out ABC’s Robin Roberts With Gay Marriage Interview???

Obama Expresses Support For Same-Sex Marriage During TV Interview

Obama Unintentionally Brought Attention To Robin Roberts’ Sexuality With Gay Marriage Interview

Is “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts trapped in the closet? Continue »


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