In Homophobic White Folks News: 9/11 Hero’s Mother Rips Carson Daly A New One For Questioning Her Gay Son’s Heart!

Carson Daly is reprimanded by the mother of a gay 9/11 hero

Carson Daly Reprimanded By Mother Of Deceased Gay 9/11 Hero

Insert foot into mouth Continue »

Pat Robertson On Homosexuality “It’s A Type Of Demonic Possession” [Video]

Why they have to use the black man? Continue »

Sodomy On The Seas: Two Americans On Gay Cruise Popped In Dominica For “Buggery”

Celebrity Summit

Apparently GLAAD ain’t gettin’ no play in the Caribbean. Continue »

Blind Item: Which Hip-Hop Mogul Has Been Down Low To Blow More Than Young Men’s “Minds”?

Mogul Collage

How YOOOOOOOOOOU doin’?! There are the “usual suspects” Continue »

Welcome Back: CNN Contributor Roland Martin Is Back From Suspension After Homophobic Superbowl Tweet Fiasco

What’s a lil’ homophobia between friends? SMH Continue »


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