Elsewhere In The World: Hugo Chavez’s Camp Smears Venezuela’s New Presidential Hopeful…Calls Him Gay And Jewish

Henrique Capriles Hugo Chavez

Poor Henrique Capriles…they are really going for the jugular on this guy: Continue »

In White Folks News: Actor Matt Bomer Comes Out Of The Closet And Admits That He’s Gay

Matt Bomer White Collar

Does this surprise you? Continue »

Raise Your Rainbow Flags! New Jersey State Senate Has Passed Same Sex Marriage Bill!

gay marriage

Looks like gay couples in Jersey will be able to put a ring on it soon. Continue »

Are You There GLAAD, It’s Me Connor: Is Anybody Gonna Check Tom Cruise’s Kid For His Post Superbowl “Homophobic” Twitter Rant?

They came at Roland Martin’s neck over his tweets, but is anybody gonna say anything to this son of a “Top Gun” for his “gay” comments? Continue »

Hide Ya Kids: Freakazoid Bunny Suit Wearing Teacher’s Aide Popped For Making Kiddie Flicks For Kicks

Bunny suit Talek Brooks

It’s a cotdamn shame when kids ain’t even safe from the Easter bunny! Continue »

Man Cheats And Swirls With Lesbian Couple: Is Jerry Springer A Bad Portrayal Of The Gays? [Video]

This is what the LGBT community wrote under the video:
Continue »


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