What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Will Smith Duane Martin Jada Pinkett-Smith

This Star Magazine cover says Will Smith is leaving Jada for Duane Martin AND Breezy and RihRih are getting hitched? Continue »

Quote Of The Day: George Clooney Doesn’t “Give A Isht” If You Think He’s Gay

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler

Wait, people think that George Clooney is a Gaylord Focker?? Continue »

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: Marine Posts Photo Of Him Kissing His Boyfriend And Quotes Kat Williams… “Everyone Needs Haters, So Let Them Hate!”

Don't Ask Don't Tell: Marine Posts Picture Of Him Kissing His Boyfriend And Quotes Kat Williams... "Everyone Needs Haters, So Let Them Hate!"

A homecoming photo of a U.S. Marine caught in a passionate PDA session with his boyfriend has gotten many different reactions after being posted originally on Facebook. Continue »

Hi Hater? Gay Texas Judge Refuses To Perform Marriage Ceremonies For Straight People

Tonya Parker

Okay, she’s not really a hater — but would you elect a judge who refused to do one of the things we need judges for in the first place? Continue »


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