Sad Irony: 19 Year-Old Gay Filmmaker For “It Gets Better” Commits Suicide

Unfortunately, things did not get better for this young man… Continue »

Gayest Video Ever: This Is Lil B’s Brain On Drugs!


Lil B releases a new video rocking women’s costume jewelry and the first line of lyrics are “The Rap Game Is Getting Shady”! Continue »

New Miguel Music Video “Quickie” [Video]

Miguel Says “He Doesn’t Want To Be Loved.”
Continue »

Parents Sue Rutgers University Over Son’s Sex Scandal Suicide

People will try to sue over any type of bullsh*t nowadays… Continue »

Antoine Dodson Is Having The Best 15 Minutes Ever!!!

Antoine Dodson Tattoo

We really have no clue how this happened, but Antoine Dodson is pushing past his 15 minutes of fame, into the annals of history. Continue »

SMH: Instead Of Everyday I’m Hustlin… “Everyday I’m Fu*kin Him!?”

This version of Rick Ross’ old “Everyday I’m Hustlin” joint is not for the faint of heart. “Everyday I’m Fu*kin Him” is not made for your little brother or sister!

Click Here To Watch One Of The Gayest Videos Ever On!

Tyler Perry Gets His Period And Starts Firing Folks Because Of The Boondocks Episode That Aired His Gay Business

"Tyler Perry The Boondocks 3"

The Boondoocks episode that aired this past Sunday claims to have Tyler Perry handing out pink slips over at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, GA. Apparently Madea Tyler Perry is 38 HOT about the episode dishing out his secrets to success… HUH?!??

Flip the Lid for More Details Continue »

Gayest Video Ever? Who Is Trying To Do The “D*ck Slang” With Their Homeboys?

"Boys Demonstrate A New Dance Called The D*ck Slang"

SMH… Apparently young men today are flexing their dance muscles in entirely new and disturbing ways. We just want to know how often heterosexual young men get together in groups of five and say “Come over after school and do the ‘D*ck Slang’ with me”? We’re betting it’s not too many. You’ve GOT to see this one to believe it.


Gayest Video EVER: Sissy Nobby “Beat HIM Out The Frame” Video

Meet Sissy Nobby. This Sissy is an aspiring homo-rapper. We knew this song was doing way too much when we heard him say…”He always thinking of me, I think he loves me!”

Click Here To Watch Video

WOW!!!: If You’re Sasha Fierced Out, Don’t Worry Gay Rapper J.R. Has You Covered… “Will You Marry Me Boy???”

Gay Rapper J.R. - Will You Marry Me Boy?

The Gay Community is one of the biggest supporters when it comes to Beyonce but now they have their own rap artist, J.R. He’s got a new video called “Will You Marry Me Boy?” and we are just going to keep a tight lip on our thoughts this time… Tell us what you think!!!

Pop the Top for Peek at the Gayest Video Ever… Continue »

DAMN YOU BEYONCE!!!!: What Is Wrong With This Video?!?!

Out of all the foolishness that is out there, we just came across these three guys dancing to “Naughty Girl”. Now the only person that we can blame for this is Beyonce… DAMN YOU!!!

What is Wrong With This Video?!?!? Continue »


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