Dumb & Dumber: Amber Rose and Yeezy’s Cousin Spend V-Day Singing Backstreet Boys

Amber Rose and Kanye’s cousin, Ricky Anderson, spent Valentine’s Day serenading each other in front of the camera. Their song of choice was Backstreet Boys – “I Want It That Way” and it sounds like Amber is not singing in English.

This has to be the Gayest Video EVER…

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Commercial Promoting Gay Dating Website is Banned from Airing During the Superbowl

There’s a new dating website for gay men called ManCrunch.com and they put together a commercial to be aired during the Superbowl. In the commercial, two men end up kissing and the network wasn’t going for that.

So It’s O.K. for Women to Kiss Each Other on TV but Men??? Continue »

Ryan Leslie Was a Star in 1994… Who Knew??


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A Homodemic

Spectacular has caused a homodemic with the dancing in briefs business. This debauchery and sin is getting out of hand, man.

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Pretty Ricky is Pretty Gay: Spectacular in a Thong Part 2

You thought Spectacular learned his lesson with the first flamboyant video he dropped, didn’t you? This young man may have denied being gay, but he is obviously battling some demons. SMH

Pretty Ricky’s Spectacular: “I’m Not Gay”


Spectacular’s feelin’ the heat from all sides after that ridiculous video he put out yesterday. He called into a radio show and declared his heterosexuality. Flip the switch Continue »

Gay Soulja Boy: “Turn My Fag On”

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Someone redid the Soulja Toy song, Turn My Swag On. SMH

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The Gayest Video Ever: Keep It In The Closet

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Sorry, but at the 4:50 mark, your boy definitely comes OUT of the closet and the gorgeous Naomi is gone! She rubs him down, and he runs away… to the closet.

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The Gayest Video Ever: Jermaine Stewart, We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off

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We all know Jermaine Stewart died of AIDS, so this song had some real underlying meaningful lyrics to it. It has to be a lead contender in the Gayest Video ever.

The Gayest Video Ever?

Posted by Bossip Staff


We recently posted an old Milli Vanilli video that sparked debate on what is the gayest video ever in the history of R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop? Well, we got a brand new contender under the hood Continue »


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