Aww Poor Baby: Kimmy Cakes Diagnosed With Psoriasis And May Have To End Her “Career”

kimmy cakes sick

Bad news for Kimmy and her modeling prospects. Continue »

BREAKING NEWS: ‘Basketaball Wife’ Tami Roman Has Been In A 3 Car Crash In The Streets Of LA!!

Looks like the broken glass and bruises aren’t from fist fights and flying martini glasses this time… Continue »

Time To Do Some Donating: UN Officially Declares A Famine In Somalia


The situation in Somalia gets worse by the day. Continue »

Natalie Nunn Hospitalized… That Chin Was Working So Hard She Fell Out From Exhaustion!

Natalie Nunn

“Bad Girls Club” alum Natalie Nunn collapsed this morning… and not because (insert random rapper’s name here) was on top of her. Continue »


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