Arkansas State Freshman Has Neck Impaled By Golf Club During Freak Accident During Frat Party Game

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Kentucky Firefighter’s Ice Bucket Challenge Goes Haywire And Burns Them Up [Video]

Wait… Whaaat?

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End Of Days: Liberia Ebola Bound To Spread After Thee “Ebola Clinic” Is Looted! [Video]


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Raw Footage: Mother Helps Son Burn Himself To A Crisp In Fire Challenge [Video]

You are wrong if you are laughing… SMMFH!!

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Ebola Patient Tells How It All Went Down “I Felt This Deep Sense Of Peace Beyond All Understanding” [Video]

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Where? Ebola Patients Coming To The ATL! [Video]

Watch out… Shawty!

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So Sad: Comatose Man Dies After Getting Stuck in Liberia During Ebola Crisis


The Ebola outbreak news just keeps getting worse…

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Top Sierra Leone Ebola Dr. Contracts Virus And A Texas Dr. Catches Disease: Is It Airborne Virus Now? [Video]

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