What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Marlon Wayans Celebrates His 39th Birthday In Miami With Brother Shawn

Here is Marlon Wayans celebrating his 39th birthday at Mansion nightclub on South Beach. Continue »

Out Of Pocket: Shady Website Awards An iPod Touch To The Woman Who Predicted Amy Winehouse’s Death…IN 2007!!

There’s been a lot of BS commentary, jokes, and shenanigans surrounding the death of Amy Winehouse, but this might take the cake… Continue »

Get Your Life Together: Add New Jersey And The Third World To The List Of People Tracy Morgan Has Insulted

Tracy Morgan Goes On "Shocking" Rant At Private Event In New York

Someone please tell Tracy Morgan that he is now in that group of people who are constantly being watched now. Continue »

Blind Item: No Money, Cash Or Hoes…

As happy as we all may be that the NFL lockout is over, this particular football player may have actually cried tears of joy for the return of his paycheck. Continue »

Congratulations: Quarterback Donovan McNabb Has Been Traded From The Shady Redskins To the Vikings!

Keep your eyes peeled folks, the player movement in the NFL is going to be fast and furious over the next few weeks! Continue »

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