Twitter Files: Ol’ Lumphead Eric Williams Doesn’t Think He Was Wrong For Throwing A Drink In Jen’s Face

If Eric Williams was a female in real life, we probably would have thought nothing of his throwing a drink in his ex Jennifer‘s face in the preview for next week’s episode of Basketball Wives. Continue »

Race Matters: HIV Rates Up Nearly 50 Percent For Gay Black Men

gay black men and AIDS

This is upsetting… It’s not a game people, please strap up! Continue »

Braylon Edwards (Who Does Not Have A Job) Involved In Bar Fight Where His Cousins Stab Up Some Folks

Braylon Edwards

Things aren’t looking too good for your boy Braylon Edwards:

Former Jets wideout Braylon Edwards is not in training camp with any NFL teams, Continue »

The Jet Probably Doesn’t Exist: Soulja Boy Owes The IRS $26,000 In Taxes

After rumors spread that Soulja Boy spent spent 55 milli for his birthday, the IRS came through for some collecting! Continue »

SMH: That Family In St. Lucia Made Up The Whole Amy Winehouse Adoption Story

Dannika and Her Grandmother Marjorie Lambert

And here we were hoping that little Dannika Augustine‘s family wasn’t going to try to pimp her bond with Amy Winehouse. Continue »