Jay-Z Is Feelin’ Like The King Of Pop

First 30 was the new 20, now Jay-Z says turning 40 has him feeling like a King. Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: Weezy’s “Daddy” Gives Extravagant Gifts


Last year for Lil Wayne’s birthday, his “Daddy” Baby gave him a million dollars in cold hard cash. This year, he got him a Chopard watch worth a million dollars and an iced-out cake with real diamonds…glad they’re done with that LV cake fad.

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You Will Never Guess How Many Kids Shawty Lo Has…On the Low

shawty lo

Shawty Lo threw a birthday party for one of his daughters turning sixteen. We had no idea this dude was that fertile.

Pop the top to find out how many damn kids Shawty Lo actually has and to get a better gander at those fishing boots he is wearing… Continue »

The Hood Life: Wig Snatched Off In Jamaican Brawl and The Lady Has More Patches Than a Old Quilt!

kourtney copy

This is completely horrible, especially considering that the lady that gets her wig snatched off was attacked by her biggest hater-rival… AT HER OWN DAMN BIRTHDAY PARTY!

Pop the top and watch this ghetto debauchery Continue »

Ashanti’s Big Little Sister Throws BBQ Birthday Buffet


They had a smorgasbord for Lil-big Ashanti at Club Eden. They say a good time was had by all and Ashanti’s sis polished off a 13 course, equipped with a hefty slice of the birthday cake and a tub of ice cream.

Juelz Santana was in the house… pop it and peep Continue »

Funk Flex Turns 51!


We are just kidding about 51, the dude turned 41. Not many stars came out. We know, a huge surprise right? Julissa Bermudez was in the house and she is one of those people you have to ask… “whose socks are you blowing off to keep that rent paid?”

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Three The Hard Way


Yeah, this threesome was seen at  the Lil Kim birthday party last night. Sure Lil Kim always looks like she is sucking on a Lemonhead, but what about Trina and LisaRaye?

Out of the “ladies”…

Who Looked More Bangin?

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A Tiny Birthday Party


Tiny turned 12 yesterday and received jewelry fit for a queen. Even though we disapproved of the Tiny and Toya show initially, after taking another look, we have come to the conclusion that she is just trying to raise a family the best way she can. We can get over her twang and grill being that she looks to be a genuinely nice woman.

Pop the top to see the rest from her 34th B-Day with Kandi and Toya Continue »

Some Morning Fug

dwoods bday1

Lil Wayne was in Miami last night for the D Woods birthday party. That dress on D Woods looks flea market bought and poor Lil Wayne and all those tats…looks like he didn’t get to mature before someone let him make the adolescent decision of getting them done. SMH

Pop the top for more people in attendance, like Jagged Edge and Willy from Day 26 Continue »

Happy Birthday Tasia!!

happy birthday tasia

Since you are always the butt of one our jokes Fantasia, we thought we would be endearing today and wish you a Happy 25th Birthday. Lets see how much love you get from the readers of Bossip, shall we?

If you want to say Happy Birthday to Tasia, get your comments on!

A Kardashian Birthday Is Like Abolished Apartheid…Black Folk Everywhere!


Khloe Kardashian just turned twenty four. Her sister and their black friends came out the wood works. We hear Khloe got what she “wanted” for her birthday, which was black meat.

Pop it to see some of Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush along with more… Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin? Remember Me Edition

rachel vs tamia

So Rachel Roy was at a movie premiere last night, solo and Tamia was at the D-Nice Birthday Party with hubby in tow. Rachel does her best not be associated with black folk, while Tamia is one of the icons of class…

Who Looked More Bangin?

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Attention Whoring Never Looked So Fit and Delightful


Mel B has an ideal body for anyone and she turned thirty four yesterday. After having all them damn kids, no doubt her body is a 9! Is 30 the new 20 or is attention whoring mixed with ecstasy pills timeless?

Pop it to see more of one of the best bodies on the D-list Continue »

Happy Birthday Tupac!


Today is our boy Pac’s Birthday. Would have been thirty eight today. R.I.P.

Pour out a little liquor!!!!

Pop the lid for the vid Continue »

Jermaine Makes it Permanent with Janet

Posted by Bossip Staff


Jermaine gave Janet a very special gift for her birthday. He inked a gigantic tat of his lady on his stubby little side. Pop the hood for a close-up look of the tat Continue »


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