Ho Sit Down: Black Tea Party Member And GOP Houseboy Allen West Blames President Obama For Deadly Libya Attack

Allen West piled onto a right-wing push to blame President Barack Obama for attacks on U.S. diplomatic posts in Libya and Egypt Continue »

F*ck An Ex Vice President Thug–Dick Cheney’s Got No Love For Barack Or Respect For 9/11

Out of respect for 9/11, all of the politico propaganda stood still for the day, as both parties agreed to not run ads or address any Election-related GOP isht… Continue »

Religion Matters: Body Of Muslim Woman Found In Hospital Morgue… Covered In Bacon!


Tell ya one thing, that hospital is about to get fried in the impending lawsuit. Continue »

Oblivious Money Mitt Accidentally Sits Down And Talks To Gay Vet On Campaign Stop! [Video]

Yo Mitt! Didn’t your Mom teach you that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover? Continue »

In Scared White Folks News: Anti-Obama Ad Calls Barack A Gay Marriage Pusher! [Video]

Another twisted up lie about the President’s policies and opinions. Continue »