Ho Sit Down: Republican Senator Warns Watching Certain TV Shows “Will Ruin Kids” By Turning Them Gay!

Tennessee, the Volunteer State, has a state representative who would like to “volunteer” to tell you something very dumb… Continue »

Twitter Files: Thin-Skinned Chris Breezy Barks On His Haters And Stunts With His Grammy

Hasn’t someone taken this guys iPhone and tossed it out the window already? SMH Continue »

Elsewhere In The World: Hugo Chavez’s Camp Smears Venezuela’s New Presidential Hopeful…Calls Him Gay And Jewish

Henrique Capriles Hugo Chavez

Poor Henrique Capriles…they are really going for the jugular on this guy: Continue »

Modern Family Problems: Man With Black Granddaughter Claims He Was Cuffed By One-Time For “Babysitting While White”

Scott Henson and granddaughter Ty

So much for that post-racial America everyone thought Obama would usher in… Continue »

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