Oblivious Money Mitt Accidentally Sits Down And Talks To Gay Vet On Campaign Stop! [Video]

Yo Mitt! Didn’t your Mom teach you that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover? Continue »

In Scared White Folks News: Anti-Obama Ad Calls Barack A Gay Marriage Pusher! [Video]

Another twisted up lie about the President’s policies and opinions. Continue »

Hi Haters: American Airlines Bans Teen Passenger With Down’s Syndrome From Flight… Because He Posed A “Flight Risk”? [Video]

Vanderhorst family

His family says American Airlines just didn’t want a kid with Down’s Syndrome in first class! Continue »

Chuck Norris: “America Faces ‘1,000 Years Of Darkness’ If Barack Obama Is Re-elected” [Video]

chuck norris barack obama

Your boy Chuck Norris is talking that yang again… Continue »


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