Bye, Haters: Cam Newton Throws For 400 Yards Again! This Time Against The Super Bowl Champs

cam newton

Thought Killa Cam’s first game as an NFL player was a fluke? Not a chance. Continue »

Ho Sit Down: Satoshi Kanazawa Finally Admits His Black Women Are Less Attractive “Psychology Today” Analysis Was Bullshizz

Satoshi Kanazawa

The London School of Economics And Political Science have given Satoshi Kanazawa, the author of the controversial “Psychology Today” article “Why Black Women Are Less Attractive” a formal Ho Sit Down. Continue »

Hi Hater: Miss France Throws Shade On New Miss Universe From Angola – “We Were All Surprised By Her Win”

Miss France Down Plays Miss Angola Leila Lopes' Miss Universe 2011 Win

Who knew Miss France was “so unattractive on the inside” as Serena would say? Continue »

Is Barack Obama Battling Serious Depression? Some Insiders Think So


Things may be worse than we thought for Barack. Continue »

UPDATE: Serena Williams Avoids Suspension But Is Fined $2000 For Angry Rant

We’re sorry, maybe Serena wild out a lil bit, but there are male players like John McEnroe who spoke to umpires WAY worse than this… Continue »

Get Your Own Swag! Who Are The Biggest Biters In The World Right Now?

drake big sean

Biters are all around us. People are out making millions these days by doing some of the same isht people before them made famous. Here are some of the biggest biters in the celebrity world. Continue »

Down For Her Man: Tiny Talks That Isht About The Prison Officials “Personal Vendetta” Against The Kang

Don’t mess with her man, or she’ll be the one to break it to ya… Continue »

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