Guess Which ‘Scarface’ Cast Member Is Speaking Out Against The New Version Of The Gangsta Classic???

Last week we brought you word that Universal Films is re-creating a new ‘Scarface’. Well, apparently someone from the cult classic cast ain’t wit it!! Continue »

Candid Camera: People Who Got Exposed And Put On Blast On Tape In The Most Embarrassing Ways

ray j

Nobody wants to be put on blast, but it’s even worse to be put on blast as a celebrity when millions of people can see it. Continue »

Leftovers: Is Tiger’s Former Boo Getting Ready To Tie The Knot With Her New Man?

elin dingman

Two years after Tiger got caught trying put his birdie in the rough, Elin is happily moving forward. Continue »

We Used To Be Tight! A History Of Friends That Turned To Bitter Enemies

jay z dame dash

It seems like becoming famous makes things turn around when it comes to friends. People that started off as best buds can turn to enemies overnight. Continue »

Bye, Haters: Cam Newton Throws For 400 Yards Again! This Time Against The Super Bowl Champs

cam newton

Thought Killa Cam’s first game as an NFL player was a fluke? Not a chance. Continue »

Ho Sit Down: Satoshi Kanazawa Finally Admits His Black Women Are Less Attractive “Psychology Today” Analysis Was Bullshizz

Satoshi Kanazawa

The London School of Economics And Political Science have given Satoshi Kanazawa, the author of the controversial “Psychology Today” article “Why Black Women Are Less Attractive” a formal Ho Sit Down. Continue »