In Let Your Haters Be Your Motivators News: Kris Humphries Says He LOVES When People Boo Him

In Let Your Haters Be You Motivators News: Kris Humphries Says He LOVES When People Boo Him

There are some athletes who play their best when the world is against them. Continue »

Hi Hater: Charles Barkley Calls Our Lil Ginger Boo Blake Griffin “Overrated” [Video]

SMH. Chuck gets a big “Hi Hater” on this one!! Even Shaq is disgusted. Continue »

Don’t Disturb This Groove: Teenage Girl Calls 911 After Feeling “Disrespected” When Hearing Her Mom Getting Her Backs Blown Out In The Other Room

We kinda understand where the girl is coming from here, but calling 911 is a tad bit extreme: Continue »

They Just Ruin Everything! Republicans Are Now Trying To Boycott Girl Scout Cookies!

girl scout cookies

Nope, no place for delicious golden pastries. Continue »

The Hood Life: Charlotte Man Has $10,000 Worth Of Air Jordans Stolen From His Home!!

Two things you can’t play with, a ninja’s momma and a ninja’s J’s…SMH Continue »

KKK: Racist Landlord In Ohio STILL Trying To Keep That “Whites Only” Sign At The Pool Gets “Ho Sit Down” From Civil Rights Commission

Ohio Landloard Appeals Civil Rights Commission Order To Remove "White Only" Sign From Pool

You would think, after all the flack she caught, that this guy would have at least been SHAMED into ACTING like he wasn’t a kard karrying member of the klan. Continue »