Hi Hater: Katy Perry Throws Some Subtle Shade Towards Beyonce And Her Little Gyrating Duet With Shakira

beyonce katy perry

Katy Perry spoke to BBC Radio 1 and discussed her upcoming collaboration with her BFF Rihanna Continue »

Jon Hamm Still Thinks Kimmy Cakes Is An Idiot… And Doesn’t Mind Saying So!

Jon Hamm Kim Kardashian

Apparently Kimmy Cakes doesn’t have as much of a way with men as we thought. Continue »

Hi Hater: Donald Trump Talks That Isht About Rosie O’Donnell…”She Fails At Everything”

Donald Trump Rosie O'Donnell

Donald Trump took a moment out of his busy life today to let everyone know just how much Rosie O’Donnell sucks: Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel? Texas Man Murders Iraq War Vet For Not Believing In God

Can being an atheist in America get you killed? If police in a small town in Texas are to be believed, the answer to that question is yes. SMH Continue »

Welcome Back: CNN Contributor Roland Martin Is Back From Suspension After Homophobic Superbowl Tweet Fiasco

What’s a lil’ homophobia between friends? SMH Continue »


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