Jesus Take The Wheel: Austrian Man Accused Of Enslaving And Raping His Own Daughters For 41 Years!!

What. THE. Fidduck?!?!

Austrian Gottfried Wagner is accused of keeping his own daughters captive and raping them for 41-years, and now has horrifying new details of the lair where he allegedly committed his torture.

The police charge that Wagner’s daughters Christine, 53 and Erika, 45 were forced to live in squalor amid farming implements, oil drums and cement sacks while their own father lived in luxury in the rest of the house which he kept pristine.

The women – who are now mentally ill after the years of alleged abuse – had to use a commode in the middle of the room and slept on a wooden shelf instead of a bed, according to The Express newspaper of Great Britain and Germany’s Bild.

While police are grilling the 80-year-old over the sickening abuse which spanned 15,000 days and nights, more details are being uncovered.

The women have told the police that they and their mother, Berta – who died in 2008 – were all victims of Wagner who they say beat them with a stick and poked them with a pitchfork.

Go to Hell. Straight to Hell, do not pass ‘GO’, do not collect $200

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