‘Gay For Stay': New Film Exposes Men’s Post-Prison Sex Habits That Are Life-Threatening to Women

Ladies, and Gentlemen: Have you heard of the term “Gay For Stay,” and do you know someone who’s been locked down for a while? You may want to watch this film.

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Epitome Of A Bad Husband: Cold-Blooded Man Murks Wife, Calls Cops “I Just Killed My Wife At Your Wawa With A Knife” [Video]

james hvizda

Wawa has to be one of the best places on Earth, but unfortunately not for Kimberly Hvizda: Continue »

For Your Information: Shady Details About “Invisible Children”, Joseph Kony, And Deplorable Tragedy In Uganda Sparks MAJOR Controversy

The sudden public emergence of a little-known war criminal named Joseph Kony has created a storm of angry dialogue, suspicious side-eyeing, and an endless stream of online chitchatter Continue »

Expect Unexpected News: Pfizer Recalls A Million Birth Control Pills Because They Don’t Work!

lauren london

Some of you may be getting some news in a few weeks thanks to faulty pills. Continue »


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