Ho Sit Down: Satoshi Kanazawa Finally Admits His Black Women Are Less Attractive “Psychology Today” Analysis Was Bullshizz

Satoshi Kanazawa

The London School of Economics And Political Science have given Satoshi Kanazawa, the author of the controversial “Psychology Today” article “Why Black Women Are Less Attractive” a formal Ho Sit Down. Continue »

Hi Hater: Miss France Throws Shade On New Miss Universe From Angola – “We Were All Surprised By Her Win”

Miss France Down Plays Miss Angola Leila Lopes' Miss Universe 2011 Win

Who knew Miss France was “so unattractive on the inside” as Serena would say? Continue »

This Broad Right Here Is Trifling As A MuhFugga

Daphne Melin

Meet Daphne Melin, the 32-year-old Long Island woman arrested for assaulting A CHILD while encouraging two 12-year-old girls to catch fade outside an elementary school. Continue »

Kelis Gets Bullied At The Airport… White Man Calls Her “Disgusting Nigerian” And “Kunte Kinte” SMFH!!!

Kelis Knight

We’re used to Kelis screaming “I Hate You So Much Right Now!!!!” but in this case we’re with her. Continue »

Where Are You Yeezy??? Kanye West Is A No-Show At Fashion Week In NYC

What could have possibly made the hip-hop fashionista fashionisto miss fashion week?? Continue »


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