What Part Of The Game Is This?? Rachel Uchitel Gives Tiger Back The Multi-Million Dollar Settlement And Sues The Lawyer Who Got Her Paid

Rachel Uchitel Gloria Allred

We should probably know better than to try to make sense of ho-logic. But this was just too perplexing not to look into. Continue »

Get Your Life Together: Rih Rih Must Really Think This Is Hot…

Rihanna Performs In Las Vegas With Cee-Lo

Here is yet another photo of Rihanna grabbing her a** on stage. Continue »

SMH: BDR Flunky Sues Diddy Over Shooting In The Parking Lot At Justin’s In Atlanta [Video]

Music Executive Tony Austin Sues Diddy Over Parking Lot Shooting

People have got to stop letting those TV attorney’s convince them to file these ridiculous claims. Continue »