SMH: Bugsy Makes His Fans Look Stupid In NYC

50 Cent Floyd Mayweather Scream 4 Screening

We truly cannot understand 50’s motivation sometimes. Continue »

Get Your Life Together: Frankie Shows Up For A Probation Check-In With Crack In Her System

Frankie Lons

Yesterday, the news broke that a recent visit to her probation officer’s office landed Keyshia Cole’s practically-disowned biological mother Frankie Lons in the clink. Continue »

Who’s The Boss?: Is Ursher’s Cougar Boo Taking Over His Career And Firing His Staff???

“Yeah whatup homie, it’s Ursher baby. Yeah, I gotta fire you dog. Ye…yeah, my…my girl said she’s not feelin’ y’all soooo…it’s been real, later.” Continue »

Kush Chronicles: Barbara Walters Is Pissed That Whoopi Goldberg Condones Smoking Marijuana

whoopi goldberg barbara walters

Whoopi Goldberg admitted recently that she was high as heezy at the Oscars in the early Nineties, and apparently some people are not too happy about that revelation: Continue »

When The Checks Stop… Bravo Axes Real Housewives Of D.C.

Real Housewives of DC

At least one batch of attention whoring broads have been given the “Ho Sit Down” by Bravo. Continue »


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