Ridiculous Quote Of The Day: Evelyn Lozada Says She And OchoCinco Are Like _________

Evelyn Lozada Chad Ochocinco Johnson Reality TV

When you think Evelyn Lozada and OchoCinco, what are the first words that come to mind? We’re sure humble isn’t first on that list. And with good reason. Continue »

Kimmy Cakes’ Kredit Kard Ain’t All It’s Kracked Up To Be!!!

We know credit card companies have been swindling people, and holding them hostage financially for years now. But you KNOW sh*t is bad when RICH muhfuc*kas are starting their own credit cards that may end up costing you big money just to have in your wallet. Continue »

N-Bomb Dropping Radio Host Laura Schlessinger Will Be Polluting Airwaves With New Satellite Show

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

We thought we’d seen the last of this n-word dropping broad Dr. Laura Schlessinger, but it looks like we were wrong. Continue »

Fawk This ITCHBAY!! Sarah Palin Is STILL Talking Yang Yang About Our Girl Michelle Obama

sarah palin michelle obama

Sarah Palin has to be one of the most ignorant broads ever…who apparently cannot keep Michelle Obama’s name out of her mouth: Continue »

Yeezy Strikes Again… Rapper Launches Verbal Attack On Taylor Swift And Matt Lauer During Live Performance

Kanye West interrupts the acceptance speech from best female video winner Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards in New York

Here we go again… Kanye West can definitely hold a grudge, and he’s not one to act shy about it. Just when we thought things were cool between him and Taylor Swift he decided to let us all know how he really feels about her. Continue »

Hypocrite Pastor Admits To Having Threesome AND Foursome With Church Members!!

Not even a WEEK after imposing an ultimatum on his church leaders to delete their Facebook accounts, it has been revealed that Pastor Cedric Miller, of Living Word Christian Fellowship Church in Neptune Township, New Jersey, and his wife have had multiple instances of sex with a church assistant and his wife. Continue »

Ho Sit Down: Sarah Palin Still Talking ISHT On The Obamas…This Time It’s Our Girl Michelle

sarah palin

Here’s some more idiotic nonsense from the dumbaA$$ douchebag that is Sarah Palin:

In passages leaked from her forthcoming book America by Heart, Sarah Palin — the erstwhile quitter governor of Alaska, who now, by all indications, fancies herself as President of the United States — has taken another cheap shot at First Lady Michelle Obama. Continue »

Ho Sit Down: Dina Lohan Wants To Sue Glee For Popping ISHT About Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan Dina Lohan Glee lawsuit

Lindsay Lohan‘s enabling-azz momager Dina just figured out that she’s supposed to protect her kid from entertainment industry vultures. Or at least she’s working on it. Continue »

Eva Longoria’s Lying Azz Drops Tony Parker And The Hyphen For Good (Update Regarding Tony’s Dirty Dog Ways Inside))

Eva Longoria Tony Parker divorce

Less than 24-hours after shooting down rumors that her French baller hubby was dumping her, Eva Longoria’s lying azz headed straight to court in L.A. to file for divorce herself. Continue »

SMH: Pretty Boy Floyd’s Still Out In Vegas Fawking Up

Floyd Mayweather Las Vegas Assault

Now that the drama surrounding his domestic violence case has died down some, it seems Floyd Mayweather‘s decided to start some new sh*t. Continue »

Tiger’s Top Tramp Rachel Uchitel Says She’s Really Just A Sucker For Love, And THAT’S What Makes Her A Ho

Rachel Uchitel Tiger Woods Affair Scandal

Tiger‘s top tramp Rachel “U-Can-Tell-I’m-A-Ho” is still talking about her ho ways to anyone who’ll listen. Actually, she’ll do it even if no one is listening. Continue »

Soulja Boy Speaks on Kat Stack’s Deportation: “Once Karma Comes To You, What You Gon’ Do?”

Kat Stacks Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy has decided to take some timeout to address Kat Stacks and her deportation situation. Continue »

Matt Lauer To Yeezy: ‘STFU, Cry Baby! It Really Isn’t That Deep!’

Matt Lauer Kanye West Today Show feud beef

Sigh: here we go again. Kanye West vs. the media, round 6,317. Continue »

W’s Revenge: The Today Show Makes Kanye Cry On Twitter And Quit The Press

Kanye West Today Show Twitter Rant

George Bush’s “Woe Is Me, Yeezy Hurt My Feelings” campaign is doing more than just selling his new book. Yesterday it gave him a chance to embarrass Kanye on national TV too. Continue »

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