Mother Charged 67 Counts For Having Sex With 13-Year-Old Boys

Christine Hubbs

These skanky old hoes are at it again. A mother of three has been charged for having sex with boys as young as 13 years old. SMH… Continue »

Woman Faces 26 Years For 15 Second Fling With Former NY Knicks Coach

Karen Sypher Found Guilty Of Extortion

This story gives a whole new meaning to 15 seconds of fame. A woman was recently found guilty of extortion for trying to milk millions of dollars from former Knicks coach Rick Pitino after having sex with him in a bathroom. Continue »

Tashera Simmons Says DMX Had Four Children Outside Of Marriage

Tashera Simmons and Earl Simmons aka DMX

Tashera Simmons is dishing out details on her tumultuous years of marriage to rapper DMX. Continue »

This Is Exactly Why These Athletes Need To Stay Away From Hoes: Part 2,137

Albert haynesworth

Back in May, it was reported that NFL Baller, Albert Haynesworth, was being sued by some random stripper ho in Miami, and he’s still dealing with this bullshizz:

Albert Haynesworth — one of the highest paid defensive players in the NFL — is fighting back in a $10 million legal war with a “stripper” … Continue »

New I-Phone App Helps Busy Hoes Schedule, Rate & Track Jump Offs

I Phone App - Jen Brown Loves To Get Down

All you Ochocincozes, Superheadzes, Kat Stackses and nut-guzzlin’ no names, I-Phone has created an application to help you schedule your jump offs. No more inconvenient run-ins and smashed windows. Now you can schedule, rate and graph all of the people you sleep with the simple click of a button. Continue »

Woman Rams Stiletto Into Boyfriend’s Brain

Stilettos On The Brain

These ho*s ain’t playing when they say they have a MEAN shoe fetish. First, some crazy ho* attacks a cab driver with her shoe, now this. A British woman got her Tina-Turner-in-the-limo swag on and stabbed her boyfriend in the eye with her stiletto. In fact, she stabbed him so deep, it pierced his brain! Continue »

Snooki From Jersey Shore Gets Arrested For Disorderly Conduct

Snooki From Jersey Shore Gets Arrested

The Jersey Shore’s new season hasn’t even started and the antics have already begun. Snooki, the pint-sized firecracker popped off in the wrong place and was sent to the bing. Continue »

Shots Fired! Swizz Beaks’ Baby Mother Jahna Goes In On Alicia Keys

Swizz Beats Baby Mama Jahna Sebastian

It’s about to be a baby mama brawl for it all! Swizz Beaks’ baby mother, Jahna Sebastian, is coming out swinging. She ain’t sayin’ no names, but she’s tired of self-righteous chickens who f*ck for tracks and get Grammys based on who they smash. (Hint-hint.) Continue »

Natalie Nunn Disses Kat Stacks Again, Warns Her To Stay Out Of L.A.

Natalie Nunn and KatStacks

Reality TV star Natalie Nunn is back to sending shots at Internet groupie Kat Stacks.

As previously reported the two have been at a war of words, with the reality TV star telling Kat to “be a good mother” and Stacks threatening to see her in the streets.

Now Nunn’s back with more advice for the tell-all groupie; stay out of L.A. or else.

Click Here To Read The Rest At HipHopWired

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

J Wow is Missing Something

J Woww from The Jersey Shore did a spread in Maxim magazine. But something is definitely wrong with this picture. Can you find it? Here’s a hint: Now you see it, now you don’t. Continue »

Guess Who Is Supposedly Hittin This??

Shay the UK Bombshell

The chick in the photograph above is Shay The UK Bombshell. Shay has 30-Double-J breastesess and is rumored to be dating a pretty well-known rapper.

Pop it to find out who is having the pleasure of soaking up these big boobied loins: Continue »

Kat Stacks Talks Superhead Karrine Steffans, Her Son and Why She Doesn’t Prostitute…Anymore

Kat Stacks Superhead Karrine Steffans

Super groupie Kat Stacks decided to talk to fans about why she is no video vixen and how she gets paid for what she does. Pop the hood for her words Continue

Vida Guerra Likes Them Long, Hot and Not ‘Real’ Meaty!!! WTH?

Vida Guerra PETA Veggie Dog Day

Old news errr…ummm video vixen Vida Guerra recently made an appearance in Washington, DC for PETA’s 2010 National Veggie Dog Day. She paraded around in a bikini made of hot peppers and caused married men to repeatedly get slapped by their wives!

Pop the hood to see Vida handle some wieners! Continue »

Donald Trump Picks Up Tiger Wood’s Sloppy Seconds

Donald Trump Hires Rachel Uchitel

Donald Trump has recruited Tiger Woods’ number one jump off Rachel Uchitel to sit on his Trump tower. Obviously, talent isn’t necessary for success anymore. Pop it to hear what he plans to do to her. Continue »

Worlds Biggest Boobs Baby Moms “Sheyla Hershey” Now Fighting For Her Life Due To Surgery! *Video Fixed*

Remember Shelya Hershey? Last time we reported on the Brazilian chica she was trying to find someone to give her a surgery for the biggest boobs in the world and her son was begging her not too. Well, right now the “housewife” is fighting for her life after obtaining her goal.

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