Trey Songz and His Groupie Love…


Trey Songz performed at Blanco’s in Long Island over the weekend and some of LI’s finest groupies came out to show him love! Including one girl who made love to her birthday cake! Flip the hood for pics.

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Oldie but Goodie…

shrimpricebandit4 copy

Bossip posted this picture way back in the day but we thought we would revisit it and remix the hell out of it! Let’s see what crazy comments you all can come up with the second time go round! Peep the other version under the hood. Continue »

On The Come Up: Kesha Nichols Stacks her Bread…


After Richard Jefferson left Kesha stranded like a contestant on survivor, she’s bouncing back pretty nicely and making moves. Pop the hood to see what she’s doing to stretch her dollar and two seconds of fame further than an Amber Rose G string. Continue »

Jessica White Lets TO’s Girls Mo and Kita Know There’s a New Head B*tch in Town!


Watch TO’s new girl Victoria Secret model Jessica White go in on his best friends and publicists Mo and Kita during a recent episode of Terrell’s  reality show. Continue »

Some Morning Nastiness


We know Jackie-O isn’t the classiest broad out there, but we just heard this track she put out last year called ‘Period On’… and we’ll just leave it at that, the song speaks for itself. Continue »

Pretty Ricky and Their Twitter Groupies

prettysicky2 copy

Our boy Freddy O hit up the studio yesterday and was trying to chop it up with Pretty Ricky when he caught Pretty Ricky chopping up some twitter hoes:

Pretty Ricky is getting back into the swing of things… The group is getting ready to put out their third album. In an interview they talked about how they would have sex any and everywhere… One talked about how he would get head on stage during the shows… Now I know I have to tell y’all at first I was like they lying, but right after we taped this clip I walked in on 2 of them getting… Continue »

Prince and Family Popped for Running Ho Ring For Years!


Meet “Prince” aka, Allen Brown. He and some of his relatives have been running a ho-stable for many years. They were just popped:

Allen Brown thought he was a prince. That was his nickname, and officials say they even found a throne in his… Continue »

Ho Sit Down: Octomom Gets Two Hour Show On Faux


Octomom has just landed another payday. Faux will be airing a two hour documentary on the ho:

Through this never-before-seen footage, viewers will be able to witness the… Continue »

Gabby Covers Essence: How to Steal a Man Edition


Gabrielle Union covers the current issue of Essence smiling like the poster child for sally homewreckers everywhere.  Flip the hood for more flicks of the new age Jezebel and her thoughts on breaking up happy homes. Continue »

Forget a Cocoho… Amazing Amy’s Cakes are More Fit, Supple, and YOUNG

amy5 copy

There can only be one great white hype on a black man’s guilty pleasure list.

Amazing Amy just came out on the cover of SHOW Magazine and maybe that is why Coco did what she did last week, who knows. We do know one thing, Coco has kids and is in her mid thirties to early forties. Are Amazing Amy’s cakes better than old Coco’s?  Amy is going for her title as head, big bootied white hoe…

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Pure Comedy: Eddie Winslow Speaks Out About Superhead

dariusskarrine copy

These dudes sound like they are talking about a killer in the video below! This interview and interlude with Darius acting like he is 13 is comedy. Please do not knock over the computer when he starts talking about Bobby Brown’s screw face and him being right about Superhead. Let us not even talk about Norwood shaking his neck and head in the video. (SMH)

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Fat Joe Fires Back “I Ain’t Made Sh*t Since Big Pun Died.”


Earlier this week, we posted an interview with Big Pun’s estranged wife where she explained her horrible living conditions and less than livable income since the passing of her husband.  A lot of people came for Fat Joe and asked him why he would let this happen.  Well, Fat Joe went on Hot. 97 to set the record straight. Continue »

Jesus Take the Wheel: 3 Women Super Glue a Cheating Man’s Genitals!


A wife and her husband’s mistresses came together to give him a night he wouldn’t  forget. Continue »

Quote of the Day: Ghostface Killah Says “Men and Women Are Not Equal….Superhead, I Would Have Never Wifed That!”


Ghostface Killah got down with a serious interview recently and got real when talking about men and women. He says we are not equal, amongst a whole bunch of other “sh*t.” If you can get pass the 17 sh*ts in the first 2:00, he starts talking some interesting sh*t.

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NeNe calls Kandi a WEAK A** Woman and Kandi says “NeNe is the Fakest One of the Bunch.”


Kandi and NeNe were getting it in on the radio in Atlanta yesterday. Kandi let NeNe know, “It ain’t like you gone chump me off… you better back down.” Listen to these ladies fight like project alley cats under the hood.

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