SMH: Ja Rule Gets Freaky In VIP With Blond Playboy Snowbunny

Ja Rule and Kristina Shannon

Mr. “Has-Been” aka Ja Rule got it alllll the way in last night with Playboy Twin Kristina Shannon at Club Bliss in NJ. We mean alllll the way in. Man…he had that girl on one.

Pop it to see the pics… Continue »

Some Morning Skanky Crotch

Tila Tequila Panties

There’s nothing like some stank cooch to get your morning going. Here is that beyond attention slore, Tila Tequila at her little “celebrity blog” launch party last night in NYC with all of her private areas on full blast. This chick just oozes with skanky-dom.

Pop the hatch to peep a gang of dress-malfunctions (nip slips, crotch shots, booty exposure, the whole nine)… Continue »

Cheetah Ho Number Two Makes A “Spectacular” Video For All The Hookers In Training

Kiely Williams 3LW Spectacular BOSSIP

A few months ago we brought your attention to former 3LW/Cheetah Girls member Kiely Williams and her new song “Spectacular” which had some pretty wild lyrics. Well Kiely just made a video to accompany the song and as you can probably imagine, some things only get worse with visuals. Pop the hood to witness this lil Cheetah Ho gone wild! Continue »

Man Arrested For Beating And Caging A Woman Who Escaped Prostitution

Pimp Atlanta David Lee Walker Prostitute Assault

A Georgia man was arrested on charges of assault, battery, kidnapping and pimping after police say he ordered a group of prostitutes he pimped to severely beat and cage a 21-year-old woman for no longer wanting to be one of his workers. Details on the flipside. Continue »

Ain’t That A B*tch: Shaunie O’Neal Is Playin’ Dirty By Teaming Up With Shaq’s Mistress

Shaunie Teams Up With Shaq's Mistress Vanessa Lopez

Shaunie O’Neal may need to write a book called “How to Catch Your Husband Cheating… Black Card Status” because this chick is pulling out all the moves. Shaunie is now teaming up with Shaq’s little chicken, Vanessa Lopez, who claimed the NBA star began to harass her once they called it quits.

Shaunie is NOT the one to play with… Continue »

Whoopi Was Humping Around… Comedienne Admits To Affairs While Married

Whoopi Goldberg Shug Avery Color Purple

While the whole world seems to be against Sandra Bullock’s cheatin azz husband Jesse James, comedienne Whoopi Goldberg defended the tattooed up motorcycle lover on “The View” yesterday, while admitting she has committed adultery herself — on multiple occasions. Pop the hood for details. Continue »

Rosa Acosta Still Celebrating Aries Style, Parties With Amerie

amerie rosa acosta

Amerie decided to crawl out from under whatever rocks she’s been hiding under to host Rosa Acosta’s birthday party in LA.

Flip the script to peep more pics including Chad Ochocinco and more… Continue »

Sunday Swirl: Hugh Hefner’s Old Ho Turns The Streets Out

Karissa Shannon, Hugh Hefner's Former Girlfriend, New Boyfriend

We were going to make a comment on how all Hugh’s ex girls are going for brothers, but then we took a close look at this picture… and really don’t know if this is a “brother” or not. SMH

Pop the top for more pictures and a better look Continue »

Recognize This Dime Piece??

mindy lawton vanity fair

This sleezy redhead is on the come up due to someone else’s stupidity and misfortune. You know she looks familiar, but can’t quite put your finger on it?

Pop it to find out who she is… Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Shady Stripper Ho Popped For “Nasty Dancing” For Underage Boys In Her Trailer Park Home

gwendolyn lowery

Lawd have mercy, would someone please save these people?? We know it’s a mf’ing recession, but damn:

Investigators said that a woman was running a strip club for underage boys out of her mobile home that was complete with a stripper’s pole and lap dances. Continue »

Trey Songz’s Beard Ophilia, aka Just Right, Poses For The Camera

Ophilia aka Just Right Trey Songz

All those months of playing beard to Trey Trey have finally paid off for former “For The Love Of Ray J 2″ alum Just Right, aka Ophilia. The reality “star” had a photoshoot of her own and we figured we’d share with you guys. Pop the hood for a look. Continue »

C-Breezy Please Tell Your Ho To Check On Her Child When You Are Done Tappin’ That Azz!!!

It’s been a little while since we checked in with C. Breezy’s piece of pootang Andraya Michele Cruz… aka @drayaface and our sources are telling us that while she’s off riding that Mechanical Dummy and being a GRADE A Attention Whoring video model her mother has been saddled with taking care of her child. Pop the hood for Abuela Cruz’s cranky tweets: Continue »

Cassidy Don’t Love Dem Hoes… Rapper Denies HIV Rumor

Rapper Cassidy is clearing the air about rumors that the contracted and gave a female fan the HIV virus. Taking to his @ CASSIDY_LARSINY Twitter page, the Philadelphia rapper flat-out denied the accusations, calling his accuser a “lil girl” and a liar. Pop the hood for the rest of his response. Continue

Swirlaholic Reggie, Were You Cheating On Kimmy Kakes With Jumpoff January?

We’re starting to have serious doubts that Reggie and Kim broke up over his “publicity issues,” because after being spotted flirting, now new photos have emerged of a very blonde waitress leaving his house after spending the night last week. Pop the hood for details on Reggie’s jumpoff. Continue »

Show Me The MuhFuggin Money!!! Wife Wins $9 Mill In Damages From Hubby’s Ho

They say ain’t no fury like a woman scorned, but who needs fury when you can take it to the jury instead? A North Carolina woman sued her husband’s mistress for $9 million dollars worth of “severe emotional distress” and she won. Details on the flippy. Continue »


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