Listen to Audio Inside: Tiger’s Wife’s Frantic 911 Call After Mother Collapses

It’s getting real trashy and hood like at the Woods’ residence with folks fainting, overdosing, and who knows what else. In the tape below, Elin ‘Woods’ calls 911 frantically after her mother collapses. You can hear loud TV’s, kids crying in the background, and her mumbling incoherently…

Pop the top and listen

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Tiger “Cheetah” Woods Has A Vegas Rat Pregnant From Orgies Under The Name “Roy”

What in God’s name is wrong with Tiger? Some of our staff went to high school with this guy, and he was the most quiet kid on campus. Come to find out, this dude is a freak to no end and may have a bastard child on the way which is the real reason his wife came at him with a golf club.

Another Vegas ho has come out with some startling info:

“Did I really just get a phone call from a “Friend of a Friend” asking how much to keep my nose out of it. Sorry, but I am not one of these dumb Vegas tramps. I don’t care that Tiger Woods was having orgies at The Palms on multiple occasions under the name Roy or that the night I was at Tao he knocked up… Continue »

50 Cent’s ‘Soft-Core’ Girl Named And Found

People have been wondering who the little chica Bugsy was choppin down in the clip from Before I Self Destruct is.

The little hyna’s name is Sasha Delvalle, and Sasha will do whatever it takes for some attention…

More pics on the flippy…

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Tiger’s Main Side Ho Was Pissed To Hear He Had Other Jumpoffs

It’s all coming out now:

Rachel Uchitel, the Manhattan nightclub hostess linked to Tiger Woods, was none too happy when she first heard about other women whom the golf great may have been seeing. Continue »

Quote of The Day

The hooker who got caught up in the former NY Governor Elliott Spitzer sex scandal has something to say about your boy Tiger’s hoes:

First of all, these gals are taking money and gifts while seeing a high-powered celeb, the infamous escort griped yesterday to The Post. Then, they’re blabbing all about it in exchange for money.
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On The Lam: Wanted For Chopping Down A Student!

Gail Elin Gagne, 27, is on the lam for working in the weight room and making a student chop her down… several times:

A warrant was issued Wednesday for the arrest of the daughter of a former professional wrestler for allegedly having sexual relations with a student at Cretin-Derham Hall last year. Continue »

Tiger Woods Calls Mistress Sounding Shady And New Mistress Records Proof That He Was Chopping Her Down (Audio Inside)

This is the new young whore that is coming out saying that she is the real white meat Tiger is chopping down at the moment. Jaimee Grubb has sold text messages and taped calls. All of this, including an incriminating “be on the look-out for my wife” shady voice mail made by “Tigger” that we have below:

Miss Grubbs, 24, from Los Angeles, told Us Weekly magazine that she started seeing Woods, the world’s highest-earning sportsman, in April 2007. She claims they had since had around 20 sexual encounters and said she could back up her claims with more than 300… Continue »

In White Folks Swirl News

Scumbag extraordinaire and black-eye to Major League Baseball, Pete Rose, has a Korean wife that will be dropping her “Top-Ramen” for Playboy.

Pop the top to peep what 68-year-old Pete is hitting nowadays… Continue »

*Bossip Exclusive* The Other-Other Woman: LisaRaye’s Ex Chopped Down This Reality Trick Plus Had Her Pregnant And Half-Naked in Pictures at the Mansion!

BOSSIP has exclusively found out the “other woman,”  besides Rocsi, responsible for the separation between Lisa Raye and Michael Misick, former Turks & Caico’s Premier.

A source sent exclusive pictures of this newly found reality skeezer at Lisa’s old mansion to BOSSIP, and here is how they tell us the ordeal went down:

“A few years ago this female was young and untainted, that is until Michael got her pregnant during her visit to his mansion. Michael impregnated Continue »

What The Hell???: Aubrey HO’Day Thinks It’s Cute To Have Friends Do Black-Face Of Kanye West…

aubrey ho

One of Aubrey’s friends dressed up as Kanye West, black paint and all. Aubrey thought it was funny and posted the picture of her foolish friend  on Twitter in an attempt to get some attention. Well, here is your attention…  you minuscule harlot!

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Trey Songz Sure Does Bring Out the Freaks


Trey Songz was seen on the scene at Lounge 501 in New Jersey last night after performing at Powerhouse Live.  Bossip was in the building and let’s just say, every freak from the tri-state came out to show love, and Trey made sure everyone got it. Continue »

You’ll Never Guess what D-Lister was Acting like Ghetto Trash at a NYC Nightclub Last Night


Some D-lister hopped onto the party scene last night like the life of the party; loud and rude as usual.  This person isn’t a major celebrity and is known in the industry as a “dust bunny” for sleeping around.  Can you guess who? Continue »

RHOA Kim has a Hello Kitty Moment

kim & nene

Kim was spotted in LA with her woman parts on full blast. Pop the hood to see what she’s working with and to hear Sheree defend her womanhood. 

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Reggie Miller Caught in a Nasty Swirl Lover’s Quarrel


Former NBA star Reggie Miller is in the middle of a crazy love triangle, and he has gotten a restraining order to protect himself.  Flip the hood for the details. Continue »

Pluck Plucks Gets Out of Pocket: Ocho Cinco Writing Bad Checks to his Chickens

Ocho and Courtney

Most of you probably know by now BUT for those of you who don’t… Ocho Cinco got put on blast this weekend by one of his chickens, Courtney Collins, because he wrote her a bad check. Apparently, he’s pissed the wrong chicken off because she posted the check on Twitter, account number and all exposed.

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