Get Ready for a Cock…tail and Tila Fight

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Round 1 of the skanky reality tv trick war just started. In this corner, weighing a buck fifteen, hailing from Sac town and all on Ray J’s nasty nut sack is Cock…tail. In this corner, weighing ninety pounds soaking wet with a head that’s too large for her body and bisexual tendencies is Tila Tequila. Pop the lid for the first punch Continue »

Chicago Larry- A Professional Pimp: “He Has at Least 100 Horses in His Stable.. Know That!”

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A Bossip Earhustler, who cannot and will not be named, but is credible, just broke the bombshell on the Reality Coon Shows. The insider gave us some insight into the life of Caviar and Chicago Larry: Continue »

Craiglist Killer

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Both of these two were in the wrong fields of work. Phil Markoff here, the medical student, killed off the masseuse pictured, Julissa Brisman:

The Boston man charged with killing a Manhattan woman he met on Craigslist said Phil Markoff’s motive was to rob his victims in order to pay off gambling debts, authorities said. Investigators told ABC News today that a search Markoff’s home also turned up guns and plastic ties – the same ones used to bind all three women. “Detectives are aggressively pursuing a number of promising leads,” said Boston Police Department spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll, refusing to comment on the plastic cuffs. Continue »

Plies is a F*kin Jacktard.

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Plies’ definition of a Goonette is nothing compared to the footage that follows it. This has got to be the most ignorant sh*t we’ve seen since that “Bust if Baby” f*ckery. Pop it for details – at your own risk. Continue »

Fifteen Octomom Workers Fired for Getting too Personal

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Octoho, who’s own mom says she’s unstable, had to let go of free help for accessing her files:

Fifteen hospital workers have been fired and another eight disciplined for looking at medical records of octuplet mother Nadya Suleman without permission, hospital officials said. Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center reported the violations of health care privacy laws to the state and has warned employees to keep away from Suleman’s records unless they have a medical purpose, hospital spokesman Jim Anderson said Monday. “Despite the notoriety of this case, to us this person is a patient who deserves the privacy that all our patients get,” Anderson said…. Continue »

Darlene From Bad Girls Club Gets a Swirl-Train Ran On Her at Beach

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Bad Girls Club season two had this girl, Darlene, star in the show. Darlene was known for being a slut while on the show, but to our surprise, new photos have surfaced of her drunk on spring break getting trained by a few brothers and a sister at the beach.

Pop it to see Darlene get her skanky, trashy, slut on. Continue »

Shamy Guy Arrested for Beating Hooker to Pulp

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Vince Shlomi here is the spokesman in infomercials for the, ShamWow. He knotted up a hooker who bit his tongue and was arrested: Continue »

Swirling Up Coco’s Birthday Cake

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Old man Ice-T and classy Coco celebrated her birthday last night in N.Y.C. at the Imperial Club. Damn, that cellulite needs to be taken care of if Coco wants to continue mediawhoring.

Pop the hood to see more birthday cakes Continue »

Octomom Returns Home With 2 From Her Litter

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For those of you who even give a f*k about this simple broad, we got a video of Octomom getting back home and sh*t after the jump: Continue »

Aubrey HO’Day About to Sign Solo Deal

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Aubrey don’t give a f*ck about no damn Danity Kane, or what Puff and the rest of you haters think. She is about to sign a solo deal as soon as Bad Boy allows it: Continue »

Calling All Hussies, Hoes & Hoochies…

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Real Chance of Love

The blatant homosexual duo known as Real and Chance are looking for the fresh round of victims for the next season of “Real Chance of Love.” Seriously though, whatever happened to the VH1 that all was about “Video Hits?” Now that sh*t is nothing but a Maury Povich/Jerry Springer trifling-ass-negro-fest. Damn them. For all you pathetic ho’s out there who are eager to get your audition on click here for more info – SMH.

Name That Ho

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Aubrey O’Day was seen at the Harrah’s Hotel doing her thing, which is nothing. Her Black Halo dress was “aight”, although her skankiness shined through.

Look below to see more of the ho… Continue »

Coco’s Cakes on Display…Again

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Coco’s cakes were not sent from heaven, but from Ice-T’s pimp vault. We really commend Ice-T for either being so stupid, or so confident, as to let men around the world fantasize and place her in different sexual positions in their minds. Thanks Ice.

Pop the thang to see more of your favorite snow bunny: Continue »

Jamaica Bans Lewd & Lascivious Conduct

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Mr. Vegas

Mr. Vegas (flanked by the two hoes) has been banned by the Jamaican government due to graphic content:

Jamaican officials have slapped a ban on violent hip-hop songs Continue »

Aubrey O’Day Doing What She Does Best

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The former ho with a microphone has turned into just a plain ole ho. Dig Aubrey O’Day’s Playboy spread – in all it’s photo-shopperific glory. Continue »

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