Some Morning Smut

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Here is the inside spread of Hoopz featured in the October issue of the prestigious “King” Magazine. Nice lips, nice rack, mean body, face? Ehh, not so much, but the fact that she let Flavor Flav’s old shriveled up, rocked out ass smash makes us throw up in our mouths a lil bit.

Enjoy your dose of ass & titties this Friday below:

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Some Monday Booty

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Angel Lola Luv and that Seezinz chick from Flavor of Love hit up the King Magazine Bud Light Chill Down Tour this weekend. Man, what are these floozies known for again???

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Not Everyone Loves New York

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Tiffany Pollard A.K.A. New York confirms that she and Tailor Made “broke up”:

Things started to sever and taper and fall off, to the point where it felt like we were just total strangers.”

In the exclusive interview with Hollywood Hits host Emilio Velez, Tiffany, who got engaged to Weisgerber in December during the finale of I Love New York 2, also reveals she was “a hundred percent” in love with her fiancé –and the couple even shacked up for awhile!

“That was my guy, I was his girl. We lived together, actually,” she says. “There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for me, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him. Like, things were really real. We really did try to work this thing out,” adds Tiffany. “But, you know, several attempts later,” she sighs, “we found out that it was just best to part ways.”

Yeah, whateva. These reality hussies are so tired. Click here to hear a portion of the interview.


Some Morning Hussy

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Peep former “Flavor of Love” flunky Seezinz in her Smooth Magazine spread. By the looks of things, this broad is trying to milk her little 15 minutes of fame down to the last drop.


Suspect Kim K’s Few Seconds of Fame Almost Up

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Suspect Kim K

The ho wars have begun this summer and the suspect Kim K who was featured in Smooth magazine is under attack from the real one:

Hi Everyone,

I am angry and disappointed to hear that people are going around a Houston, Texas, nightclub pretending to be me and pretending to work with me, lying and conning my friends and fans.

A man in Houston has been selling tickets and promoting me and my image without my permission – and you know who you are – and taking a look-a-like to clubs pretending to be me, but hiding behind dark sunglasses and curtains – refusing to meet or speak to anyone. THIS IS NOT ME!

The truth is, I was not in Houston this week and have no plans to come to Texas until the end of June. I am so so sorry that there are bad people in this world who take advantage of you and me, but I promise when I am going to appear somewhere you can check it’s authenticity on my website.

So Houston – I love you and I’m sorry!!!! Please spread the word about these con artists!



The fake Kim K needs to step up her ho up game, By the look of her steez in the pic up top, this sh*t right here is going to flame out in any second.


Spitzer Hits Trailer Park Hoes Too

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Kristen Davis, who looks like the Tranny Ho from Hell, let the world know that The Spitzer had been hittin’ that too:

“Disgraced former Gov. Eliot Spitzer has been identified as a long-standing client of a second high-priced call-girl ring…Wicked Models. At the center of the new ring is Kristin ‘Billie’ Davis, …who hails from a rough-and-tumble California trailer park. She has a reputation for hard-partying, shameless self-promotion and a rumored 10,000-name-long client list.”

Check the thumbnail for a frightening close-up (“The Spitzer” must really be a freak).


Source 1, 2

No Booty Shots Here

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Here is a pic of Angel Lola Luv in Vibe Magazine wearing clothes. Yeah we’re just as surprised as you are to see this broad being photographed without her suspect backs or rack on display for the world to see.  What a waste.

Shout out to ICEDOTCOM

Jesus Take The Wheel

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The graduation class of the Michelle Obama school of hard knocks, including Deelishis, Buckeey, and Angel Lola Luv, came out for the Rick Ross album release party last night. Poor thang’s.

Was this the D-list VH1 and ‘video hoes need love too’ national convention?

If you still think Angel Luv’s backs are suspect, Click here to watch her showing them off at a video shoot via Livesteez.


Some Pastor Manning Swag

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We know some of you haven’t seen that crazy Pastor Manning in a while, here you go, we know you were feenin’.

If you don’t know who Pastor Manning is, you better recognize, he has the funniest video on the net right mow.

Ho of The Year

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Kim Diddy Cassie

On Jim Jones’ Ballin remix, Diddy spit “pick an actress, which one I ain’t swim in” and he wasn’t lying. Just the celebrities we know about, he was reportedly swimmin’ in Cassie, Penelope Cruz, Sienna Miller, Aubrey O’Day, Kim Porter, new baby-mama Sarah Chapman, and a jump-off in Toronto named Nai Bacha.

If anyone thought Diddy was slowin’ down in 07′, they had to be on rocks or listening to Kim Porter. Diddy easily made Bossip’s Ho of The Year despite him trying to sell a family image to the press.

Diddy was swimmin’ in so much tail this year, this led to a formal break-up with his bottom-b*tch, Kim Porter.

Runner Up: It was a tie between hoes, Kim Kardashian and Superhead.

Booty Talk

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Angel Lola Luv

Angel Lola Luv who’s taking over the number one spot for the most talked about booty is featured in the 2007 Love/Hate issue of XXL magazine as “Eye Candy of the Year”.

Let the discussion on whether or not she gets ass shots commence…

Angel Lola Luv 2Angel Lola Luv 3Angel Lola Luv 4

Are Her Backs Suspect????

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Angel Lola has the top “video ho” spot in the game and she appears in the December issue of King Magazine. Her backs look real to us but there are rumors her ass is “suspect”.

What do you think???


Quote of the Day

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It’s official, this ho is never going to shut her pie hole, or her legs for that matter. She recently did an interview with and discusses various topics like not remembering what she says, being normal, calling Tyra Banks a bitch, and her son: When you were on Jamie Foxx’s radio show, why did you say that Ray J (Ray J is an R&B singer and younger brother of singer Brandy) was gay?

Karrine Steffans: I don’t remember the Jamie Foxx show (The Foxx Hole on Sirius Satellite Radio) to tell you the truth. I don’t remember anything I said. The Jamie Foxx radio show is one of those things where Jamie’s a good friend of mine. We spent, I think, seven hours together that day on the beach having shots of Patron and drinking champagne and having a good time. Things were said that were just said. It was just good radio. People should stop taking things so literally and so seriously. It’s only radio. So you were just joking around?

Karrine Steffans: I don’t know what I was doing! I was on the radio with Jamie Foxx… drinking. That’s what I was doing. Continue »

A Message For The Hoes

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Niccas can be hoes too. Minister Louis Farrakhan recently spoke to Hip-Hop leaders in the ATL:

“What you really are is not boob or butt. Force men to respect you. Black women are not for sale.”

“As long as a women is a b***h and a hoe in your mind, you will never stand up for her.  A record contract cannot get you your virtue back.”

The cum bucket Superhead, who tells her dwindling fans to stay away from Bossip and who also made the cover of ‘Today’s Black Woman’ , should have been in the audience.

Quotes via the homie Illseed over at AHH

Superhead: Don’t Call Me Superhead, ‘I Won’t Talk to Ignorant Black People’

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Superhead was on Detroit’s WJLB today and blasted the hosts for calling her ‘Superhead’. She says she never promoted that name but this picture is still on her Myspace. The cum bucket stormed out the interview saying “she won’t talk to ignorant Black people.”

Superhead dissed Bossip last month as a “Mom and Pop” site. We don’t have anything to say. We will let her T-shirt do the talking. Click here to listen to the interview.

Here is a video where she says she came up with the name ‘Superhead’. This is another lie. Poor thang.