Superhead Gets Reamed by White Reporters and Kicked Off Show, Reporter Says “She Was a Rump Shaker In a Bunch of Videos!”


Superhead was on a talk show the other day promoting her book when the reporters got real gully with her. At the 2:10 mark on the video, they open up a can on her loose cakes and then right before it’s over at the 3:10 mark, the male reporter says a funny but true statement. LMAO

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Trey Songz’ Jump Off Tweets and Tells…


Bossip has learned that Trey Songz’ recent encounter with a NY jump off was taken to the next level when she outed him via Twitter:

My boo suprised me…didn’t know he was here!!!! Night night ;D
5:48 AM Jul 17th from UberTwitter

@ the diner with @songzyuuup
3:59 PM Jul 17th from UberTwitter

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JD, Nelly, and Pacman Jones Make It Rain In the Club… Before Shooting

Pacman Jones, Jermaine Dupri, and Nelly are all seen in this video footage from 2007 All Star Weekend, in Las Vegas, Making It Rain on strippers. This video was shot shortly before a gun man shot up the club.

Pacman Jones reportedly spent $100,000 dollars at the scrip club that night and reportedly socked up a stripper. Jones is not on a team at the moment and with him performing those kind of coon antics, we hope he never gets a chance to see that kind of money again. What a waste! Don’t spend it on the kids in your community, spend it on strippers!

Coon ass!

Rocsi and Gabby Union Out Committing Harlotry


We have more pictures of Rocsi, Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade, Terrance J, married Alonzo Mourning, and the rest of the guys groping Rocsi at an after party spot over the weekend. What rats!

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No Way! Aubrey O’Day Has Booty Implants?!?!?

aubrey and naturi

Naturi and Aubrey H-O’Day are doing Paper Magazine, and these are the backstage freak photos. She changed her skin color and in the pictures  below she is showing off her NEW CAKE as well. Yeah, it looks like Aubrey has either has gotten butt implants, or has found the key to boosting your bubble. (Diddy does a number on these ducks)

Here is what she twitted…

“Look at how big my booty is getting. I’m so excited! Thick white girls unite!”

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Ho Sit Down: Home Wrecking Hussy, Gabby Union, Finally Out In the Open With Harlot Ways!

dinner benefit

You buffoons thought we were far fetched with telling you Gabrielle Union’s game. She is seen here with Dwyane Wade at a charity event over the weekend. She spent the whole weekend with the pickled penised dude.

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Soulja Boy In Danger


Soulja Boy is on the cover of Urban Ink (obviously) looking like his normal hypebeast self. There are some interesting characters inside this issue… Danger from “For the Love of Ray-J“, for one.

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Two Big Boobied Broads From Team Drake “Best I Ever Had” Video

best i ever had8

This is Ms. Cat from the Drake video “Best I Ever Had” directed by Kanye West. We have been getting a bunch of questions asking about these video hoes.

Funny though, when they were in all the other videos no one asked a thing. We are not sure if it was the Kanye direction amplifying their “talent” or the summer heat, but whatever the case is, the readers are asking for them.

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Bad News For Kanye: Breezy Tongue’s It Up With Amber Rose at the ‘White Party’

amber and chris brown

The rumor mill is going crazy this morning saying that Chris Brown and Amber Rose got it in at the White Party Continue »

Is Jordin Sparks’ Boyfriend Steph Jones An Exotic Dancer?

Steph Jones

Steph Jones is trying to get on but things aren’t happening as quickly as planned so it looks like he’s taking up stripping to help make ends meet. Wow Jordin, hope you’re ready for the fat groupies and gay men.

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Amber Rose Goes From Ho to Household Name

Amber Rose

Amber has figured out that she has finally graduated from cheap video trick to full fledge working whore after signing her contract with Ford Modeling Agency. We love how she waxes all philosophical about her ascent from a rented side piece/jump off to a real model/actress.

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Hoes: Woman Gives BJ For Fritos!


A Frito-Lay employee purchased some head with a box of Fritos:

Sue Smith a 36-year-old woman from Oklahoma, agreed to accept a box of Frito-Lay chips in exchange… Continue »

Dirk Nowitzki Finally Talks About Being Punked, Abused, and Robbed by Swirling Gold Digger


Ditzy” Dirk Nowitzki is chopping it up about being ran through by that crook-girlfriend he had: Continue »

Ciara Debuts Her New Clothing Line: Cheap Trash


Ciara is in LA shopping for a house and gearing up for the BET Awards this coming Sunday. We don’t know if it is the shoes, the coochie cutters or the overall trashy steeze but ole girl is reppin’ the bottom level hooker vibe a little too tough.

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Morgan Freeman Gets it in with Granddaughter?

Morgan.Freeman and Granddaughter

We weren’t so sure about reports that Morgan Freeman’s divorce from his wife was due to his having an affair with his step-granddaughter but it looks like the rumors are true. Pop the top for more

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