Whose Cake is This Ho Kissing?


Hoes of the same feather flock together. This cake was getting kissed in Vegas while hubby was preoccupied.

Pop the top and see whose cake was getting beso’d Continue »

(Please Read Ladies) Jesus Take The Wheel: Orlando Hadley Passing Out HIV Like Club Flyers


Orlando Hadley is being charged with the unthinkable. He has been infecting women with HIV, knowingly:

A man from Northwoods didn’t warn a sex partner he is HIV positive and infected her with the virus that causes AIDS, according to charges filed in St. Louis County Circuit Court…. Continue »

The Boss Rick Ross gets Ganked by a Group of Skeezers..


Rick Ross was robbed by a group of Nashville women who took a laptop and thousands of dollars in jewels from his Hilton hotel room.

Flip the hood to see.

Continue »

Uncle Russell Says Bro’s before Ho’s… You Have Just Been DENIED!!!

Ashley Dupre

Russell Simmons’ new friend, Ashley “the $5K Ho” Dupre was about to make an appearance at the Tommy Hilfger Party held for Fashion Week at the Jane Hotel until Tommy told Russell… No Ho’s Allowed. Russell let Ashley know that “It’s bro’s before ho’s so…. You can’t come.” Continue »

Hofstra Ho Takes Back Gang-Rape Claim and Reveals She Let 4 Guys Run a “Train” On Her!!

rondell copy

This  photo was released of the freaky brother above who supposedly was involved in a gang rape of an 18 year old Hofstra student… SUPPOSEDLY:

Four New York men were released Continue »

What In Sam Hell???

cops copy

One of our readers sent this picture to Bossip, asking “have we seen this?” Never in our wildest dreams.

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Shout out to Jamelle

SMH: Damn, Lil Kim Looks Busted Up, Bi, and Burned Out…


Lil Kim was spotted on this ATL Gay Pride couch giving a performance. We don’t get where the Hip-Hop comes into play with scenes like this one and grills like hers, but whatever.

Notice Kim’s muscle feet, shiny face, and the stain next to her muffin? SMH

Pop the top for Toccara and even more way out behavior Continue »

Rocks & Hoes: What In God’s Name Is Maia Campbell On?? She Is All the Way Turned OUT!!!


If you remember Maia Campbell, then the video footage we have will seriously disturb you. She was on shows like, Moesha, Sister Sister, and had a starring role on In the House. Well, nowadays the girl is hoeing out in Compton and is on something that has her by her roots.

You will not believe where this D-Lister is now…pop it and see Continue »

T.O ‘s Resident Pets Mo and Kita Go In… On Each Other


This week’s T.O. Show was full of more drama than Jessica White in lingerie waiting to get chopped down last week! Flip the hood to see Ren and Stimpy go at it. Continue »

Attention Whores… Skinny Jeans are a Major Health Hazzard!


The early show recently looked into the health hazzards that skinny jeans can cause in women and you won’t believe how serious they are! Pop the hood to watch. Continue »

Trey Songz and His Groupie Love…


Trey Songz performed at Blanco’s in Long Island over the weekend and some of LI’s finest groupies came out to show him love! Including one girl who made love to her birthday cake! Flip the hood for pics.

Continue »

Oldie but Goodie…

shrimpricebandit4 copy

Bossip posted this picture way back in the day but we thought we would revisit it and remix the hell out of it! Let’s see what crazy comments you all can come up with the second time go round! Peep the other version under the hood. Continue »

On The Come Up: Kesha Nichols Stacks her Bread…


After Richard Jefferson left Kesha stranded like a contestant on survivor, she’s bouncing back pretty nicely and making moves. Pop the hood to see what she’s doing to stretch her dollar and two seconds of fame further than an Amber Rose G string. Continue »

Jessica White Lets TO’s Girls Mo and Kita Know There’s a New Head B*tch in Town!


Watch TO’s new girl Victoria Secret model Jessica White go in on his best friends and publicists Mo and Kita during a recent episode of Terrell’s  reality show. Continue »

Some Morning Nastiness


We know Jackie-O isn’t the classiest broad out there, but we just heard this track she put out last year called ‘Period On’… and we’ll just leave it at that, the song speaks for itself. Continue »


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