Put On Blast: Harry Belafonte Keeps Riding On Camel And Bey “The Absence Of High Profile Blacks In The Political Struggle… Is Disappointingly Evident!”

Harry Belafonte Beyoncé Jay-Z Gwyneth Paltrow

Time to stop spending so much money on Blue Ivy’s socks and put that gwap and big talk into the hood. Continue »

ChittChatter: Celebs React To Clint Eastwood’s Cracked Out Speech At The RNC

Guess we’re not the only ones who thought Clint forgot to take his meds. Continue »

Poor Thang: Christina Aguilera’s Broke-A$$ Boo Wants To Wife Her But Can’t Afford To Buy Her A Ring!

Matt Rutler and Christina Aguilera

That “struggle shadow” should have been a dead giveaway that dude has no gwap. Continue »


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