Illuminati For Dummies: 3 People Hospitalized After Getting “Possessed” By Their Ouija Board

VARIOUS - 2006

Dang, those board games actually work? Why do they even make those??? Continue »

Chingy Breaks Down Illuminati Symbolism… For You Uninformed [Video]

What in the hell is this guy talking about?

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Watch New Nicki Minaj Music Video “Pills N Potions” Starring The Game [Video]

Tell your bible thumping aunt to watch this video and see what she says.

“I rebuke you devil in the naaaaaame of Jeeeesus!”

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Illuminati Files: Satanic Mass Planned For Harvard University Moves Off Campus After Outcry [Video]

Don’t let the Devil in! Continue »

His Maid’s Telling Him No… R.Kelly Allegedly Paid $100K To Stop Housekeeper’s Sexual Harassment Claim


We thought he didn’t like them after high school, but apparently when Robert is feeling freaky even the help can get it. Continue »


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