99 (Percent) Problems: Occupy Wall Street Shuts Down Hubby Hov’s Attempt To Turn Their Struggles Into Profit

Jay-Z Comes Under Fire For "Occupy All Streets" T-Shirts

There’s only so long rich people can pretend, before their “hunger for more” gets the best of them. Continue »

Watch The Throne: Yeezy Gets Slizzy In The A With Tracee Ellis Ross And Her “Bu Thang”

Kanye West parties at Reign in Atlanta with Alex Gidewon Tracee Ellis Ross and her boyfriend, Akon's brother Def Jam music executive Bu Thiam

The Watch The Throne tour made it’s first stop in Atlanta Friday night Continue »

SMH: “Occupy Wall Street” Protesters Include Rich, Bored College Kids Whose Parents Are Everything The Protest Is Against

Rich Kids To Be Found Throughout Occupy Wall Street Protests

Is everyone involved with the “Occupy Movement” really part of the “99 percent” of people who don’t monopolize America’s wealth? Continue »

Latest Choreographer To Get Jacked By Beyonce Says It Was Beautiful When School Kids Did It, Bey’s Just Rude And A Thief!!

Choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker Address Alleged Plagiarism In Beyonce "Countdown" Video

Some people find absolutely no flattery or props in having King Bey appropriate their work as her own. Continue »

Some Illuminati Community Giving: Hovi Hov’s NYC Carnival Raises A Milli For The Kids

Jay-Z attends an evening of "Making The Ordinary Extraordinary" hosted by The Shawn Carter Foundation

Hovi told y’all his greatness is all about making these little hood children great too. Continue »

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Ne-Yo In Paris – The Photo Diary

Ne-Yo At Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 With Dolce & Gabana

In case you missed it, Ne-Yo wanted you to know that he had a FAHbulousssss time in Paris with all his frienzzzz, hunny. Continue »

Black Excellence: Hovi Hov And Mama Carter Put On A Thousand-Dollar-A-Ticket Carnival In NYC For The Kids’ Future

Jay-Z attends an evening of "Making The Ordinary Extraordinary" hosted by The Shawn Carter Foundation

As announced earlier this month, Hubby Hov threw a carnival-themed fundraiser for his “Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund,” which is run by his mother Gloria Carter. Continue »

Illuminati Files: Did Lady Gaga Take A Bath In Human Blood While Staying At A High-Priced London Telly?!??

Lady Gaga Bloody

We knew Lady Gaga was a nasty beyatch, but we have a hard time believing she’s THIS nasty! Continue »

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