Memphis Bleek Responds To The Game Calling Him A Wack Rapper And Rocafella Illuminati Rumors [Video]

Is Memphis Bleek on your top five rappers list? Continue »

Lord Jamar Calls The Illuminati Bullisht [Video]

Do you agree with Lord Jamar? Continue »

Mimi’s Mammaries: Mariah Carey Puts “The Twins” On Blizzy Blast For BET Honors [Photos/Video]

Mariah Carey performs at BET Honors

Mimi has no modesty… Continue »

N.O.R.E. On Illuminati “There’s 3 Doors… One Gay, One Propaganda, And The Other One Is Alone… I Chose Alone And Haven’t Been Plat Since!” [Video]

Continue »

Sold Out To Corporate Interest?: Macklemore Said The Illuminati Knocked Down The Twin Towers [Video]

This guy is not in the same place he was back then… now there are corporate interest involved. Continue »

Illuminati Files: Jay-Z Has Top Secret Meeting With The Mets About Robinson Cano


Wait, all this time we never noticed Baphomet had a baseball team? Continue »


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