Illuminati Files: Jay-Z Has Top Secret Meeting With The Mets About Robinson Cano


Wait, all this time we never noticed Baphomet had a baseball team? Continue »

Kanye West Talks About Being A Christian During His Performance Last Night And More Footage From Kim’s B-Day Party [Video]

But wait! Mark Dice… how does this correlate with the Illuminati Mission? SMH…

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Illuminati Files: A Long Time House Stenographer Goes Off During Vote To End Shutdown “You Freemasons Can’t Serve 2 Gods!” [Video]

She puts down all the words of records for this place… do you think she is lying? SMH.
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Exclusive Illuminati Talk: U-God (Wu Tang Clan OG) Says The Illuminati “Is Real… And They Are Great!” [Video]

U-God, from Wu Tang Clan, talks about the Illuminati and how the hip hop genre is “messed up” now.


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