Illuminati Files: Chris Breezy Tweets “Fortune” Album Cover With Strange Symbols And Release Date

Will You Be Copping? Chris Brown Reveals “Fortune” Album Cover And Official Release Date

Is Breezy making history with the first Webdings album cover art or just a way to get the conspiracy theories going? Continue »

Illuminati Files: “Hip-Hop Illuminati” Book Examines How Secret Society Took Over Hip-Hop

Hip Hop Illuminati cover

Do you believe Diddy, Rihanna, Jay-Z and many others are “key pawns” of the Illuminati and BMG music is a front for the secret sect? That’s what the author says! Continue »

Madonna Super Bowl Halftime Illuminati Symbolism Broken Down: “Baphomet Head Gear Coming Out As High Priestess” [Video]

SMH@This guy calling M.I.A., Nicki Minaj, And Madonna “Skanks”:

Continue »

Tweet Of The Day: Hovi Hov On His Precious New Daddy Steez

Jay-Z Sends First Tweet Since Becoming A Father

We know you stans and anti-stans have just been waiting to find out just how Hubby Hov is adjusting to fatherhood, after a week of diaper changes and night feedings. Continue »

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