Salt In The Gunshot Wound: Don Cornelius Hated Ex-Wife Will Be The Beneficiary Of BOTH Of His Life Insurance Policies!

Had he known that, he might have chosen to “deal with himself” a little sooner, hit the jump to find out why! Continue »

ChitChatter: Hairy Potter And His “Magic Wand” Aren’t Checking For Your Box If It’s Got A Brazilian

Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe

Wow… who even wanted to know that much information about Harry’s wand??? Continue »

In White Folks News: Brad Pitt Says The Kids Are Pressuring Him To “Put A Ring” On Angelina Jolie’s Skinny Finger

Brad Pitt Kids Pressure Him To Marry And Put A Ring On Angelina Jolie

Six kids and some odd years later, Brad Pitt is ready to “Do the right thing”: Continue »


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