Kush Chronicles: Seth “I Got That Ya Mean” Rogen Reveals He Smokes So Much Of The Tweeds…Everybody He Knows Smokes The Tweeds

seth rogen pineapple express

Like this is a surprise:

Seth Rogen “smokes a lot of weed” when he writes movies. Continue »

Dirty Dog Diaries: Ashton Kutcher’s Lil Floozy Of A Jumpoff Reveals Details Of Their Sordid Sexual Tryst

ashton kutcher sara leal

If this little blonde broad is telling the truth, Ashton Kutcher ain’t isht: Continue »

Some Afternoon Preciousness: P!nk And Baby Willow Do NYC

pink and baby willow

Awww how sweet. Here is P!nk out in NYC Continue »

In Irrelevant White Folks News: Kevin “K-Fraud” Federline Shows Off His New Baby Girl

Kevin Federline Debuts New Baby Girl Jordan Kay Federline

Kevin Federline and his super duper sperm Continue »

Well There’s Something You Don’t See Everyday…

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. So A President And A Housewife Walk Into A Fundraiser… Continue »

A Swirly Platonic Foursome: Gwyneth Paltrow Celebrates Birthday With Hubby And The Knowles-Carters

jay-z chris martin beyonce gwyneth paltrow

Awww, how nice. Couple BFFs Hovvy Hov, BeyBey, Gwyn Gwyn, and Chris Chris shared good times for Gwyneth’s 39th birthday: Continue »

Illuminati Files: Did Lady Gaga Take A Bath In Human Blood While Staying At A High-Priced London Telly?!??

Lady Gaga Bloody

We knew Lady Gaga was a nasty beyatch, but we have a hard time believing she’s THIS nasty! Continue »

Elsewhere In The World: Angelina Takes All But Her Asian Babies On A Playdate With Gwen Stefani’s Boys In London

Angelina Jolie Spotted With Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne And Knox At Gwen Stefani's House In London

Here are Angelina, her three cloned biological babies – Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne – and little Zahara leaving Gwen Stefani’s house last night. Continue »


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