The Spread Of Evil: U.S. Gov Spread STD’s And If Not For Obama Facts Would Not Have Come Out! [Video]

Wow, 1940’s… so that means it was all white men spreading disease to innocent foreign lands…. and did that lady say they injected gonorrhea puss in peoples eyes and rectum? Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture??

ali lohan new face ali lohan plastic surgery

Lindsay Lohan’s little sister Ali was photographed recently and her appearance is just a tad bit different Continue »

Hi Hater: Madonna Throws Shade At Lady Gaga For Biting Her Whole Steez

Madonna Doesn't Understand Lady Gaga's Obsession With Her

As much as Madonna‘s ego may love it when these little youngsters source her as their inspiration, she isn’t feeling Gaga‘s stan-ness. Continue »

Wanna See Victoria Beckham’s Post Baby Body???

David and Victoria Beckham have stepped out in public for the first time with baby daughter Harper.

Here is what Victoria Beckham is working with after just popping out baby girl “Harper Seven” back in July. Continue »

Which One Would You Hit???

Audrina Patridge and her mother Lynn

Well isn’t this just precious? Former “Hills” star Audrina Patridge and her mom headed to Malibu Beach Thursday in matching bikinis. Continue »

Swirly Girl Hall Of Fame: A List Of Becky’s That Love Them Some Chocolate Man Meat

paris hilton 50 cent

It seems like every day there’s a new swirly couple running around. And these days it seems like the celebrity Becky’s are going out and getting some Mandingos. Continue »

In White Folks News: Daryl Hannah Arrested Again Outside Of White House, Says “If Obama Doesn’t Do Right, He Will Not Be Back In Office”

Darryl Hannah Arrested in Front Of White House

Actress Daryl Hannah has been arrested, again, for protesting for an environmental cause. Continue »

Wanna See Kate Hudson’s Post Baby Body In A Kini Six Weeks After Giving Birth???

Kate Hudson Post Baby Body In A Bikini

Kate Hudson was spotted flossin her bikini body after giving birth to little Bingham six weeks ago. Continue »


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