Ho Sit Down: Sarah Silverman To Plan Live Comedy Show In Texas Called “N*****head”

Sarah Silverman Racist

And all the proceeds are going to the NAACP. SMH: Continue »

Can’t We All Just Get Along? A Look At Some Ugly, Nasty Custody And Child Support Battles

master p

When couples that have children split, they have to deal with nasty custody and child support issues. When millionaire couples with children split and there’s more money to spread around, things get even worse. Continue »

In White Folks News: Scarlett Johansson Spotted “Bunned Up & Making Out” With Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Scarlett Johansson And Joseph Gordon-Levitt Dating Seen Kissing

Looks like Scar Jo and her supple cakes have found a new boo: Continue »

Slizzed In The Duggout??? Report Claims “Bored” Red Sox Pitchers Were Drinking Pitchers During Games

Three Boston Red Sox Pitchers Accused Of Drinking In The Dugout During Games

Well, that’s one way to deal with the rest of your team’s wack-ness… Continue »

Hold Up, Woah Dere: New Lawsuit Says Ashton And Demi’s Matrimony-dom Isn’t Even Legal

Lawsuit Claims Ashton And Demi Aren't Legally Married

Hmmm… Maybe Ashton Kutcher isn’t quite the dirty, cheating, adulterous dog that little blonde floozy would have us all believe. Continue »


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