Katie “Drop Down And Get Your Eagle On” Couric Is Leaving CBS Evening News

Katie Couric dancing

Katie Couric is leaving her anchor post at “CBS Evening News” Continue »

In White Folks News: Justin Timberlake Spotted “Snuggling” With Olivia _________

justin timberlake olivia wilde

Justin Timberlake was spotted getting his snuggle on with actress Olivia Continue »

Another Day, Another Reality Show About “Wives” And Such

Mob Wives Cast photo

We’re glad they’re diversifying Hood Nights (aka Sunday) on VH1… Continue »

Mean Muggin’: Crazy Celebrity Faces, Part 1 [PICS]

We’ve all been out with friends at the club and taken pictures with the club photographer after a few Don Julios and looked at the pics the next day like “DAMN!” Continue »

This Guy Right Here Is One Sick Fawk!!

Herbert Mike Merritt

He sounds EFFING crazy to us, but he couldn’t get an insanity defense to stand up in court. Continue »