Old Head TMI: Hugh Hefner Brags That He Gets Laid On A “Weekly Basis”

hugh hefner women

We’ve pretty much have had it up to here with Hef and his 90-year-old sex talk. SMH: Continue »

Out Of Pocket: Shady Website Awards An iPod Touch To The Woman Who Predicted Amy Winehouse’s Death…IN 2007!!

There’s been a lot of BS commentary, jokes, and shenanigans surrounding the death of Amy Winehouse, but this might take the cake… Continue »

Poor Thang: Kristin Cavallari Prematurely Poses In Wedding Dress Prior To Getting Dumped By NFL Fiancé Jay Cutler

Kristin Cavallari Wedding Dress Photos

This is so sad…we know ole girl was “devastated” and all but damn!

Just two days before Kristin Cavallari’s fiancé, Jay Cutler, broke off their engagement, she was glowing with excitement Continue »

Man Bangers: Fine A$s Werewolf From True Blood Speaks On Being “Naked In The Woods In Broad Daylight”

werewolf true blood sookie naked woods

For you “True Blood” stans:

In an appearance on Chelsea Lately that aired Monday night, True Blood’s Joe Manganiello said filming in the buff is just another part of the job. Continue »

Pure Comedy: Crystal Harris Says Sex With Hugh Hefner Lasted “Two Seconds” And She Only Did It To Him “Once”

Hugh Hefner with wife Crystal Harris

What the hell did she expect??? Dude is like 90 years-old for Pete’s sake!!! Continue »

In White Folk Dirty Mom Diary News: Gossip Girl Star’s Mother Was Using Her Money For Botox Instead Of Caring For Her Sick Brother

leighton meester

It’s never a good sign when a mother and daughter have to go to court with each other. Continue »

Amy Winehouse’s Boyfriend Speaks Out As Family & Friends Gather For Her Funeral Today

Reg Travis Mourns Amy Winehouse

The man who may have been the closest thing Amy Winehouse had to a stabilizing force in her life spoke out about losing her yesterday. Continue »


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