You Can’t Be Serious: Sloppy Cakes Snooki Gets Wants To Get Her WWE Raw On

We know Snooki will do anything for some publicity, but her cakes are about to get a beating. Continue »

Elsewhere In The World: Former French President Who Criticized W’s Iraq War On Trial For Making It Rain At The Expense Of His People

Former French President Jacques Chirac

Jacques Chirac, the man who ran Fance from 1995 to 2007 and temporarily got White House french fries renamed “Freedom Fries”, went on trial today for his years of dirty trickery and bad politics Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

suri cruise sucking on a pacifier

Here is Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s daughter Suri (who will be 5 years-old in April) photographed in Canada recently. Continue »

Former Swirler Sean Penn Is Soaking Up Scarlett Johansson’s Tender Loins

scarlett johansson sean penn

Sean Penn, whose last girlfriend was model Jessica White, is now getting it in with the lovely and recently divorced, Scarlett Johansson: Continue »

In Little Canadian White Boy News: $40K for Bieber Hair???

justin bieber hair sold for 40K

Black women aren’t the only people paying big bucks for someone else’s locks. Continue »

Lady Gaga + Paris Fashion Week = Slizzardness, See-Thru Fits, And Cigarettes

Lady Gaga Sighting in Paris

Here is Lady Gaga on her drunkard monster steez in Paris at the Thierry Mugler Runway Continue »

When Pigs Fly: Kim Kardashian Says She’s Gonna Keep Her New Relationship Out Of The Spotlight

kim kardashian kris humphries prince concert

Yes, we’re talking about the same “relationship” with Kris Humphries that she’s been flaunting since they met late last year. Continue »

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