Sunday Morning Inspiration: 5-Year Old’s Prayer “Decree And Declares” Greatness! [Video]

Praise your Lord on your Sabbath… says the little man.

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Free At Last! Woman Kidnapped At 15 And Forced To Marry Mom’s Ex-Boyfriend Finally Makes Her Escape After 10 Years!

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Really?? Toddler Forced To Live In Jail With Pregnant, Shackled & Bleeding Sudanese Mother Awaiting Death Penalty Over Christian Beliefs

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Hide Ya Kids: Michael Jace’s Ex-Wife Says Son Who Witnessed Shooting Of Stepmom Was ALWAYS Terrified Of Him!

Third Season Premiere Of The Shield

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Elsewhere In The World: Uganda Nurse Found Gulilty Of Trying To Infect Child Patient With HIV

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Jesus Take the Pulpit: Exorcism Ends In DUMBEST Way Possible [Video]

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