Out Of Pocket: Joan “I’ve Had 30 Face Lifts” Rivers Calls Michelle Obama “Blackie-O” And Thinks It’s “Cute”

Joan Rivers

This ole knifed-up broad needs to sit her a*s down:

Comedienne Joan Rivers revealed she once ditched a joke about First Lady Michelle Obama from her stand-up routine – because she feared she’d be accused of racism. Continue »

EFF This Guy: Dirty Dog Extraordinaire Jesse James Has More Nazi Pics

jesse james nazi

This Jesse James character ain’t sh*t: Continue »

Coon Of The Day: Wankster Hacker Posts Racist Photos On Facebook Page Linked To MLK & King Center

Dr. Martin Luther King

In case you kids needed a reminder that racism is still VERY MUCH alive… Continue »

White Governor Of Maine Says NAACP Can “Kiss His Butt”…Refuses To Attend Event Honoring MLK

maine governor paul lepage

Sounds like someone is wayyyy out of pocket:

Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage is keeping up his reputation for blunt language Continue »

Black Executive Sues After Being Tasered By Ohio One-Time, Says Race Was Definitely A Factor

john harmon cincinnati

John Harmon was coming off a late night at work when he left his downtown marketing firm for his Anderson Township home just after midnight in October 2009. Continue »

Pat Buchanan Is Still Scared That White People Will Not Lead Tomorrow

Pat Buchanan

From his column:

“That speaks about who is going to be leading tomorrow.” Continue »

Coon Of The Day: Mississippi Governor Says Civil Rights Era “Wasn’t That Bad”

Civil Rights

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour recently scored himself the cover of the ‘Weekly Standard’, however it wasn’t for a noble cause but for the racist comments he made while reflecting on the civil rights era. Continue »

End Of Days: U.S. Soldier Justifies Raping 14-Year-Old Because ‘Iraqis Aren’t Human’

Steven Dale Green

These are the very same people W sent to Iraq to free them from Saddam and his savages. Continue »

White Supremacists Oppose Idris Elba’s Role In The Movie “Thor”

idris elba thor

A white supremacist group is taking action against Idris Elba and the producers of the upcoming movie “Thor” Continue »

This Guy Has Some Nerve…

racist youth coach

Muhfuggas need to learn that Facebook will get your a$s in trouble: Continue »

Does This Guy Look Racist?

Sal Alosi New York Jets

Remember that shady white Jets coach that tripped that poor Miami Dolphins player??

Turns out this was one costly trip for Sal Alosi. Continue »

What Were You Thinking??? Indiana Shop Owner/Attorney Under Fire For Selling Racist Soaps [Video]

darkie soap

A store owner in Noblesville, Indiana is in danger of losing his store, not because of economic factors…but racism. Continue »

Aw Hell Nah! World-Renowned Doctor Is Said To Have Perfected His Techniques On Slave Women WITHOUT Anesthesia!!

A professor at the University of Illinois, Deborah McGregor, is the author of a book entitled ‘From Midwives to Medicine: The Birth of American Gynecology’ speaks to the inhumane treatment of slaves by doctors like Dr. James Marion Sims. Dr. Sims is considered the “father of modern gynecology” and performed untested procedures on women without the use of anesthesia.

McGregor, author of ‘From Midwives to Medicine: The Birth of American Gynecology,’ said “There is no doubt that he carried out experiments on women, and that he was only able to do so because they were slaves.”

Part of the controversy regarding Sims centers around a statue placed near Fifth Avenue and 103rd Street in New York City. The statue is located next to the New York Academy of Medicine, in a neighborhood that is majority black and Puerto Rican. EastHarlemPreservation.org put a poll on its Website that asks: “Should the NYC Parks Department remove the statue of Dr. Marion Sims from its East Harlem location considering his experiments on female and infant slaves?”

Pretty ballsy thing to do in a neighborhood full of black folks. Why is it people aren’t sensitive to things like this when deciding where to place statues and other reminders of racial inequality.

One of the defenders of Sims’ efforts is Dr. L. Lewis Wall of Washington University in St. Louis. Wall has argued that Sims’ work was “not necessarily racist.”

“Acceptance [of anesthesia among doctors at the time] was not universal, and there was considerable opposition to its introduction from many different quarters, for many different reasons. …The evidence suggests that Sims’ original patients were willing participants in his surgical attempts to cure their affliction — a condition for which no other viable therapy existed at that time.”

C’mon son…you can’t possibly think that “test” procedures like these would be performed on white women, much less WITHOUT anesthesia!

How do you guys feel about the statue and the practices of Dr. Sims?


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