Allen “Flat Top” West Goes All The Way In On Rep. Grayson’s Comparison To K-K-K And Tea Party [Video]

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Oklahoma Town Official Resigns After He Drops N-Bombs Describing Mayor, Police Chief, And Others! [Video]

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Guess Who’s Bizzzacckkk??? Paula Deen Makes First Appearance On Texas Cooking Show After “N-Word Controversy” That Ruined Her Career

paula deen

Paula Deen Makes First Appearance On Texas Cooking Show

Paula Deen is back in business after being fired and losing all her endorsements for admitting to using the N-word…

Via CNN:

“Hi, I’m back!” Paula Deen wooed a Houston crowd Saturday during her first appearance since the revelation that she used a racial slur in the past, according to CNN affiliate KPRC. The Southern food diva looked straight into the lens of a camera, waved, smiled and winked as a sold-out audience of 1,500 cheered her on during a cooking demonstration at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertainment Show.

After a standing ovation, Deen wiped the tears on her face and told the crowd, “These are tears of joy, y’all. I’ve said all along that the one place I’d want to make my first step back out was Texas.” Deen fan Lucas Boucher flew in from Los Angeles to meet the chef. “I started getting teary-eyed and I just told her we got her back and I said, ‘I’m sorry you’re going through this.’ And she was crying,” said Boucher, who wore a T-shirt with Deen’s face imprinted on the front.

Deen’s career and public reputation went into a tailspin in June after her deposition in a lawsuit brought by a former restaurant employee was released. In the video, Deen admitted using the “N word” in the past. On Saturday, Houston residents, Kelly Eldridge, Stephanie Young and their friends, brought Deen face cut-outs and wore sashes with messages of support such as “Love and Best Dishes” and “Hey ya’ll.” Attendees paid between $75 and $400 for Deen event tickets.

A teary-eyed Deen shared her feelings about the controversy with the crowd. “I’m sure you know, unless you’re living under a rock, the last few months have been difficult. It was an opportunity to learn. I learned a lot about myself and my business. I just want to thank y’all from bottom of my heart.” Deen is scheduled for a second Houston appearance on Sunday and two additional shows in Dallas on September 21 and 22.

Thoughts on Paula’s return??


What The Hell?? Neo-Nazi To Build An “All White Racist All White Supremacist” City In North Dakota

leith craig paul cobb

Neo-Nazi To Build An “All White Racist” City In North Dakota

Good luck with that one, buddy

According to Raw Story:

A man living in North Dakota plans to turn his small town into a bastion of white supremacists, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Craig Paul Cobb, 61, has been buying up abandoned property in Leith, a town of only 19 people. He has invited other white supremacists to live on his properties and help take over the city.

In a post last year on the Vanguard News Network forum, Cobb said anyone who lives on his property would be required to fly a “racialist banner” — such as a Nazi flag — 24-hours a day. They would also be required to try to “import more responsible radical hard core [white nationalists]” and become a legal resident of the state so they could vote in local elections. He plans to rename the city “Cobbsville.”

“Imagine strolling over to your neighbors to discuss world politics with nearly all like-minded volk. Imagine the international publicity and usefulness to our cause! For starters, we could declare a Mexican illegal invaders and Israeli Mossad/IDF spies no-go zone. If leftist journalists or antis come and try to make trouble, they just might break one of our local ordinances and would have to be arrested by our town constable. See?” he wrote.

Cobb has even built a concrete prison, where he plans to “lock up recalcitrant journalists and lefty commies who violate the codes or peace of the community.” Cobb had moved to Estonia in 2005 but was later deported to Canada, where he was arrested in 2010 on federal charges of willful promotion of hatred. He fled back to the United States.

The plan to turn Leigh into a white supremacist paradise has the town’s only black resident understandably worried. “The more the word gets out, the better chance that we can move him out. People are welcome if they’re here to improve our community, but they’re here to bring hate,” Bobby Harper told The Bismarck Tribune.