Kush Chronicles: 11 Men Popped For Pushing That “Ya Mean” Out Of A Harlem Furniture Store

david dawson marijuana shirt

SMH at this guy’s shirt:

Authorities have harshed the alleged buzz of 11 men accused of wholesaling marijuana out of a Harlem furniture store Continue »

Kush Chronic-les: 58 People Are Popped As Mexican Authorities Make Largest Pot Bust In History

From the looks of that picture people will be getting high regardless of the drug bust, sheesh… Continue »

Kush Chronic-les: A Denver Newspaper Has Employed A Writer To Pen Pot Reviews

This guy has got to be the envy of college students across the world… Continue »

Kush Chronicles: Former Employee Claims Della Reese Is A Weed-Smoking Minister Who Shadily Mismanages Funds

Della Reese and husband Franklin Lett

SMH at these folks trying to throw Della Reese under the bus for burning a lil something!! Continue »

Kush Chronicles: Minnesota Timberwolves Player Michael Beasley Popped For Marijuana

Michael Beasley Marijuana Minnesota Timberwolves

Another day, another proffessional athlete popped for doing something stupid. Continue »

Kush Chronic-les: Guess Which Soul Legend Says She’s Only Been Clean Seven Years…

One of your parents’ favorite singers delivered a stellar performance at the 2011 Essence Music Festival on Saturday. She also dropped a bombshell about her drug use… something we might have guessed, but wouldn’t have expected her to be so honest about. Do you know who it was? Continue »