Epitome Of A Horrible Family: Father And Grandparents Charged After 2-Year-Old Eats Marijuana In Filthy Apartment Home

william Kimberly josh smallwood

Folks need to be more careful with their narcotics…especially with babies in the house: Continue »

Fake Kush Chronicles: $20 Million Worth Of Synthetic Maryjane AKA “Spice” Seized In Alabama

spice synthetic marijuana

Wow, we didn’t know cats was moving that “spice” this tough out in ‘Bama: Continue »

Rumor Control: Lil Fizzle Says He Stopped Slanging That Ya Mean Years Ago

Lil Fizz

Friends of former B2k pretty boy Lil Fizz say he’s been out of the “tweeds” business for years now Continue »

Everybody’s Doing It: New Poll Shows 50% Of The Country Wants That Kush Legalized

Survey Shows Increased Support For Legalization Of Marijuana

See what happens when the the majority of people in this country is stressed and unemployed? Continue »

Kush Chronicles: What Is Wrong With This Picture??

pot pops

SMH at these “Pot Pops” getting everyone’s panties in a lil bunch: Continue »


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