Everybody’s Doing It: New Poll Shows 50% Of The Country Wants That Kush Legalized

Survey Shows Increased Support For Legalization Of Marijuana

See what happens when the the majority of people in this country is stressed and unemployed? Continue »

Kush Chronicles: What Is Wrong With This Picture??

pot pops

SMH at these “Pot Pops” getting everyone’s panties in a lil bunch: Continue »

Kush Chronicles: Seth “I Got That Ya Mean” Rogen Reveals He Smokes So Much Of The Tweeds…Everybody He Knows Smokes The Tweeds

seth rogen pineapple express

Like this is a surprise:

Seth Rogen “smokes a lot of weed” when he writes movies. Continue »

Kush Chronic-les: Wiz Khalifa Waxes Philosophical About His Love For Amber Rose And Mary Jane

Wiz Khalifa On Loving Amber Rose And Mary Jane

Even if Wiz Khalifa didn’t stay rapping about his love of Marijuana, his interviews and conversations would give up instantly give up his pot head status. Continue »

Give Us Us Free: The District Attorney Drops The Drug Charges Against Wiz Khalifa

Looks like the D.A. gave Wiz some REAL rolling papers! Continue »

Kush Chronic-les: Woman Accidentally Brings Pot Brownies To Canadian Co-Workers

Looks like “happy hour” came a lil early at this office. Continue »


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