Kush Chronic-les: Woman Accidentally Brings Pot Brownies To Canadian Co-Workers

Looks like “happy hour” came a lil early at this office. Continue »

Kush Chronic-les: Montel Williams Caught At LAX With His Weed Pipe!

When will these people learn that taking guns, drugs, and drug paraphernalia on the airplane is frowned upon these days? SMH Continue »

Kush Chronicles: Former NBA Player Arrested For Holding Roids And Marijuana…Tries To Eat The Weed

samaki walker tries to eat marijuana


Former NBA player Samaki Walker was arrested in Arizona on Thursday night for possession of marijuana and liquid steroids. Continue »

In White Folks With Drunk & High Kids News: Al Pacino’s Daughter Popped For DUI In NYC

al pacino julie pacino dui

Al Pacino’s daughter Julie was caught driving while slizzard and high off that kush: Continue »

Kush Chronicles: 11 Men Popped For Pushing That “Ya Mean” Out Of A Harlem Furniture Store

david dawson marijuana shirt

SMH at this guy’s shirt:

Authorities have harshed the alleged buzz of 11 men accused of wholesaling marijuana out of a Harlem furniture store Continue »


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