Lawsuits: Rihanna Sued For Defamation By Former Bodyguard

rihanna out and about

Have Rihanna’s slick talking ways have finally caught up to her? Continue »

Lawsuits: Rick Ross Sued By Two Men Who Fought During His Birthday Bash At NYC Lounge

Rick Ross fur face

Rick, you may have to give up some of those coins. Continue »

His Maid’s Telling Him No… R.Kelly Allegedly Paid $100K To Stop Housekeeper’s Sexual Harassment Claim


We thought he didn’t like them after high school, but apparently when Robert is feeling freaky even the help can get it. Continue »

Lights Out…Or Not: Victim In Chris Brown D.C. Assault Case Says He Hits Like A Beyotch


The alleged “victim” in the D.C. assault case against Chris Brown speaks out… Continue »

Athletes & Hoes: Kevin Durant Sues Groupie-Booking Travel Agent Claiming She Cheated Him Out Of $500K!

Kevin Durant

“Keep yo eyes on yo riches” -Tupac Shakur Continue »


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