Dwyane Wade’s Wife Gets Dumped AGAIN… This Time By The Ninth Lawyer To Take Her Case

"Siovaughn Wade and Dwyane Wade"

We’re not sure how Dwyane Wade survived being married to his estranged wife Siovaughn so long, because she can’t even get an attorney to stick with her through one lawsuit. Wade’s wife lost her NINTH lawyer yesterday. Pop the hood for details Continue »

Rapper Rick Ross Sued By Former Drug Kingpin “The Real” Rick Ross

"Freeway Ricky And Officer Ricky"

Miami bred rapper Rick Ross may be facing another don in court, this time it’s not a DJ but the real Rick Ross who says that the rapper is using his name illegally.


The-Dream Gets Sued For Stealing Songs, Lawsuit Filed By Bay Area Producer And Songwriter!

"The Dream and Mariah Carey Facing Lawsuit For Copyright Infringement"

A Bay area producer and song writer are claiming that The-Dream and Mariah Carey are guilty of stealing songs.

Along with a laundry list of other names, they are currently being sued for copyright infringement over the song “My Love” which was featured on Dream’s second album Love Vs. Money. Details on the flipside Continue

Lebron Says Delonte Was Not Choppin’ Down His Moms

"Lebron poses with his mother Gloria James"

BronBron is finally trying to put a stop to ugly rumors that his mom was getting busy with his homie, Cavs teammate Delonte West. This morning Lebron’s lawyer sent a cease and desist email completely denying the scandal. Pop the hood for details Continue »

DAMN!!! Gabrielle “Break-A-Union” Is Being Sued By D-Wade’s Ex-Wife For Literally Breaking Their Union Of Marriage!!!

Siovaughn Wade Sues Gabrielle Union

SMH. Irony is a motherf*cka. Siohvaughn Wade, D-Wade’s ex is suing both Dwyane AND Gabrielle Union for f*cking up her marriage.

Pop it for the details!!! Continue »

No Justice For Kandi’s Man… Or Is Sickle Cell Really To Blame???

"Kandi Burruss AJ Jewell"

Frederick Richardson, the man arrested in connection with the death of A.J. Jewell will not face any charges in Jewell’s death — and Jewell’s family is blaming Kandi!!! Pop the hood for details. Continue »

Officer Ricky Ordered To Pay 300 Stacks For Entourage Brawl

Rick Ross and DJ Vlad

Rick Ross was found liable in a 2008 brawl where his entourage broke Vlad “DJ Vlad” Lyubovny’s eye socket and was ordered to pay 300 stacks.

Check the details on the flip. Continue »

Hovvie Don’t Play Dat! Rapper Hits Red Sox Slugger With $5 Mil Lawsuit For Bootlegging His 40/40 Club

Jay-Z Derek Jeter Yankees Parade

Notorious Yankees fan Jay-Z is showing the Red Sox’s David Ortiz no mercy. The rapper from Marcy has filed a $5 million dollar lawsuit against Ortiz and his sister after for opening a “Forty Forty” in the Dominican Republic. Pop the hood for details. Continue »

In Sick & Twisted Sex Slave Master News: Steven Seagal Sued For Hiring Women For Sex

Steven Seagal DMX

Geeze, Steven Seagal and his shady little ponytail is one sick and twisted motherf*cker:

In a lawsuit filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court, Kayden Nguyen states that Seagal kept two Russian women on staff “who were available for his sexual needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week” and that she was hired to replace one of them.

The first night she was there, Nguyen claims, Seagal assaulted her by attempting to fondle her bare breasts, Continue »

Brandy Is ‘Totally Not Cool’ With Addressing Fatal Car Accident On New Reality Show

Brandy And Ray J A Family Business

“Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business” premiered last night on Vh1 and while the sibling pair seems to be intent on sharing the “real” inner workings of the Norwood family, don’t expect to see Brandy make any references to her role in the 2006 fatal car accident that claimed the life of a wife and mother. Pop the hood to hear Brandy’s side of the story. Continue »

Kush Chronicles: Jaheim Popped For Drug Possesion

Singer Jaheim was arrested for marijuana possession last week in Hillsborough, NJ.

More details once you pop the top. Continue »

Suge Has His Eyes On ‘Ye’s Riches!!! But With His New Album Underway, Does Yeezy Even Give A Damn?

Kanye West Suge Knight Lawsuit Miami Club Shooting

Suge Knight continues to soldier on in his lawsuit against Kanye West over getting shot in the leg at a 2005 MTV Video Awards party at a Miami nightclub. Meanwhile, Yeezy is soaking up Hawaiian sun when he’s not in the studio working on his next project. Pop the hood for details. Continue »

Ain’t That A B*tch: Shaunie O’Neal Is Playin’ Dirty By Teaming Up With Shaq’s Mistress

Shaunie Teams Up With Shaq's Mistress Vanessa Lopez

Shaunie O’Neal may need to write a book called “How to Catch Your Husband Cheating… Black Card Status” because this chick is pulling out all the moves. Shaunie is now teaming up with Shaq’s little chicken, Vanessa Lopez, who claimed the NBA star began to harass her once they called it quits.

Shaunie is NOT the one to play with… Continue »

SMH: Desperate Housewife Catches Fade On Set

"Nicollette Sheridan"

Okay, this is some crazy $hit: Former Desperate Housewife star Nicollette Sheridan claims that the show’s executive producer literally slapped her upside the head on the set one day. According to her, when she complained to the network, she got fired.

Pop the hood for details. Continue »

The Divorce Drama Continues… Dwyane Wade’s Estranged Wife Responds!!!

Siohvaughn Wade  Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade’s estranged wife didn’t take too kindly to him calling her unstable. Wade’s soon to be ex, Siohvaughn has responded to the Miami Heat star’s petition for sole custody of the couple’s two children, saying the filings are retaliation to her asking for an order of protection last month. Pop the hood for details. Continue »

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