What The Hell??? Airline Attendant Put Toddler In Overhead Bin

Natalie Williamson and Riley

Aw check out the precious grill on this little guy — who now suffers anxiety problems after a flight attendant stuck him in an overhead bin! Continue »

Suge Knight Drops $1 Million Lawsuit Against Kanye West

Suge Knight

Suge Knight and Kanye West have finally reached a settlement in an ongoing lawsuit filed by the Death Row head. Continue »

What The fawk Is Kanye West Wearing???

Kanye West Wears A Leopard Jacket To The Vivienne Westwood Ready to Wear Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 show During Paris Fashion Week

Here is Kanye West at the Vivienne Westwood show during Paris Fashion week rocking a lil animal print jacket. Continue »

In Racists News: White Supremacist Leader Shot Dead In His Home

white supremacist david lynch


One of America’s most powerful white supremacist leaders has been shot dead in his home, Continue »

Fawk A Thug: Camel Takes The First Round In Court Battle Against Bitin’ Azz Chef

jay z fight

“Repeat after me, there’s only one rule: I Will Not LOSE!”-Jay-Z, “Change The Game”

Jay-Z won the latest round in a five-year legal battle with a British chef over naming rights, local newspaper The Evening Chronicle reported Monday.

The rap artist launched court proceedings against Terry Miller over the use of the word “Rockafella” — the name of the chef’s eatery in Newcastle, northeastern England.

The millionaire music star, who is married to songstress Beyonce, claimed the name would confuse people into thinking Miller’s business was associated with his Roc-A-Fella Records empire.

After Miller, 52, won a ruling granting him the exclusive trademark and the right to use the name in the UK, Roc-A-Fella Records appealed the decision — and now British lawyers hired by the record label to fight the case have been told their appeal was upheld at a hearing in London.

Miller set up his Rockafella restaurant with money he won on UK reality TV show “Hell’s Kitchen” in 2005 but closed the business four years later. He now runs an outside catering business under the same name and is considering appealing the latest ruling.


True Or False: Did Yeezy Steal The “All Of The Lights Video” From A French Filmmaker??

Kanye West in All Of The Lights

The premiere of Kanye’s new video for “All Of The Lights” is stirring up controversy Continue »

Judge Asks Lawyers In Barry Bonds Case To Resolve The Issues Before The Trial Begins

Sounds like “your honor” isn’t trying to waste his golf time with this silly a** “trial”. Continue »

T.I. Sued For Showing A Dead Man On MTV

T.I. MTV Road To Redemption

Boy, people do not miss a chance to come up. Continue »

SMH: Rihanna Stole That Whole “S&M” Video Concept From Someone With More Dough Than Her

Rihanna S&M video lawsuit

Not only could Rih Rih not come up with the lyrics to “S&M” on her own – shouts to young Ester Dean and the song’s other writers – she had to heavily borrow the concept for the video from famous photog David LaChapelle too. Continue »

Arizona Governor To Countersue Federal Government To Enforce Immigration Laws

jan brewer

That shady Jan Brewer character is at it again:

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer says she plans to file a counter-lawsuit against the federal government for failing to enforce immigration laws. Continue »

Cry Me A River: Fans Want $5 Mil For Their Denied Super Bowl Seats

Cowboys Stadium unavailable seats

We understand why they’re mad… But these people are O.D.-ing a little. Continue »

Another Day, Another Lawsuit: Ne-Yo Sued By Former Manager For Lack Of Royalty Payment

ne-yo hugged up on tranny

Damn Shaffer, pay your peoples!!

R&B singer Ne-Yo is being sued by his former personal manager – for the second time in five years Continue »


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