Parents File $120 Million Lawsuit In The Police Shooting Of Pace University Football Player

Danroy Henry Sr Angella Henry DJ Henry Pace University

The parents of Danroy “DJ” Henry are not feeling the idea of Pleasantville Police officers getting away for killing their son in October. Continue »

UPDATE: What’s Beef? Taco Bell Fires Back Against Critics Who Talk Ish About Their Food!!

Taco Bell is NOT playin’! We’re actually kind of surprised that it even took this long before they responded, but here it is nonetheless. Continue »

Dirty Dog Diaries: Laura Govan Outs Gilbert Arenas’ Shady “Money-Blowing” Ways…

gilbert arenas laura govan

LMAO at his reasoning for not paying for her to have a Nanny, but spent 1M on a shark tank: Continue »

You Can’t Be Serious: This Wankster Wants Facebook To Pay Him $500k For Suspending His Account

Mustafa Fteja Facebook lawsuit

Doesn’t a lawsuit have to meet certain criteria before it’s filed? We cannot believe that an attorney or court of law actually found merit in this loser’s lawsuit. Continue »

Is ‘Tasia Heading Back To Court Over Antwaun’s Trifling Behind???


Looks like Fantasia is not in the clear in the lawsuit that was filed against her by Paula Cook for sleeping with her husband. Continue »

This Is Getting Ugly: Steve Harvey’s “New Wife” Launching Defamation Suit Against “Old Wife” Talking All The Yang…

steve harvey wife mary majorie harvey


Steve Harvey took to his nationally syndicated radio show yesterday to address salacious allegations his ex-wife, Mary Shackelford’s Continue »

What’s Beef?: Alabama Law Firm Sues Taco Bell For False Advertising

Despite the fact that we eat it anyway, we know MANY people have always thought that the “meat” at Taco Bell was a lil suspect. Continue »

DAYUUUUUUM!!! Robert DeNiro Owes His Nanny 750 Hours Of Overtime Pay!!

Robert DeNir

How does a man with a net worth of $185 Million fail to pay the most important employee he has: the woman taking care of his kids??? Continue »

UK Court Sides With Newspaper In Their Lawsuit Against Crazy Azz Naomi Campbell

naomi campbell bald

Looks like people are more than a little tired of Naomi and her bullsh*t, time to pay the piper b*tch! Continue »

Fox News Anchor Files Lawsuit To Defend His Right To Use The N-Word

TOm Burlinger Defends Right To Use The N Word

A Fox 5 news anchor is scheduled to appear in court to defend his use of the N-Word in a meeting. Apparently, he was punished for using the dreaded word while his African American co-workers were not. Continue »

Another Day, Another Ailing Music Legend: Etta James Being Treated For Leukemia, Dementia

Etta James

Another one of our living legends is going through a major health crisis. Continue »

DAYUM!!! Where Is Mike Epps Supposed To Find An Extra Million Dollars???

Mike Epps

File this under “When The Hood Life Backfires” and “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.” Continue »

The Hood Life: Now We Know Why Grandma Katherine Is Fed Up With Randy & Jermaine’s Baby Mama

Randy Jackson Alejandra Jackson Genevieve Jackson

As happy as we were to see Katherine Jackson finally kick Alejandra “Jackson” out of her crib, we kind of wonder why, after all this time, she would be so determined to put Jermaine & Randy’s kids and their mom out. Continue »


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