How Much Do You Think Burger King Paid To Settle The Lawsuit Over The Unwrapped Condom In This Kid’s Whopper?

man finds condom in sandwich

We can’t think of a number high enough to pay for the trauma that would occur if we found this in our sandwich, but apparently this guy did. Continue »

Pay Yo Bills: Knicks’ Eddy Curry Defaults On Second Loan In Less Than Six Months

Eddy Curry New York Knicks

Mr. Curry? We know you’re still recouping from a rough year, what with your baby mama drama/tragedy and alleged man-love. But this is getting ridiculous. Continue »

Little Girl Sit Down: Suing ‘Dora’ Made $100K A Year, Still Had A Job Before The Lawsuit

Caitlin Sanchez Dora The Explorer

Ok, we don’t wanna call the 14-year-old a ho when she was the voice of Dora The Explorer for three years. But she needs to sit down. Continue »

Another Day, Another Lawsuit: Bishop Eddie Long Hit With Legal Action For The Fifth Time In A Month

Bishop Eddie Long

Poor Thang! Another lawsuit has just been filed against Bishop Eddie Long, but this one has nothing to do with coercing young men into knob slobbing. Continue »

Dirty Dog Diaries: Former Mets Player Roberto Alomar Accused Of Hiding HIV Status From Wife!

Maria PIlar Rivera accuses husband and retired mlb player Roberto Alomar of risking her health by not disclosing his HIV status

Jesus Take The Wheel! Former Major League Baseball player Roberto Alomar is having his shady ways exposed in yet another lawsuit! His wife says he lied to her about his HIV status to get her to let him beat it up raw doggy. SMH. Continue »

Pledge Sues After Being Violently Hazed To Feel What “Ancestors Went Through In Slavery”

courtney howard is suing sigma gamma rho for hazing her

Sigma Gamma Rho is making headlines again for their hazing practices. And this time it’s because one of the injured pledges is taking legal action! Continue »

Worst Deadbeat Dad Ever: Father Of 23 Children By 14 Different Mothers Jailed For Failure To Pay Over 500K In Child Support!!!

Howard Veal owes $533,000 in back child support

The NBA and NFL is full of deadbeat dads who can’t keep up with their legion of kids by multiple women, but one Michigan man is putting all those guys to shame. After failing to pay even a fraction of his required child support, Howard Veal, father to 23 kids by 14 different women just received a 23-48 month jail sentence for his criminal offense. Continue »

Former “Spiritual Son” Jamal Parris To Bishop Eddie Long: “You Are A Monster”

Bishop Eddie Long with accuser Jamal Parris

Just as Bishop Eddie Long broke his silence Sunday, so has one of his accusers… Former “Spiritual Son” Jamal Parris has given his first interview since filing a lawsuit against the man he once called “daddy,” describing the way he was manipulated into sexual acts! Continue »

The Evidence Against Eddie Long Just Won’t Stay Gone

Eddie Long and Longfellow students

As Bishop Eddie “Dong” continues to play “David” about the “Goliath” allegations against him, that giant just seems to grow larger as more evidence is added to the already huge pile. Continue »

Dirty Ho Sit Down: Eddie Long Tells Congregation This Morning “I’m Gonna Fight These Gay Sex-Coercion Charges” (Actual Video Of Speech Made This Morning)

bishop eddie long and george w bush

Nasty a$$ Eddie Long, who has been put on blast by four men who claim he was bribing them with all kinds of trinkets for gay sex, had something to say this morning to his New Birth congregation:

Georgia pastor Eddie Long, accused of coercing young males into sexual relationships, told his congregation Sunday that “this is probably the most difficult time” of his entire life, but that he intends to fight the allegations against him. Continue »

Lindsay Gets Sprung From The Clink, Second Judge Grants BlowHan Bail

Lindsay Lohan Entering Hearing

Lindsay Lohan is a free woman yet again. Just hours after being denied bail by Judge Elden Fox, LIndsay’s lawyer Shawn Holley Chapman appealed that decision. Continue »

*Bossip Exclusive* Bishop Eddie Long Stepping Down Sunday, Fourth Victim Steps Forward

Bishop Eddie Long

Bishop Eddie Long’s problems are continuing to mount (pun intended)! While so far the number of plaintiffs who’ve filed civil complaints against New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and it’s leader currently stands at three four, BOSSIP sources tell us that number is rising and there’s only one logical thing for Bishop Eddie to do. Continue »

Why is Gary Dourdan Dodging Bill Collectors?

Gary Dourdan

Despite a steady 20-year acting career, Gary Dourdan owes one company a lot of money. Continue »

Lebron’s WannaBe Daddy Wants Bread And Bodily Fluids

Lebron James Leicester Stovell

Princeton graduate or not, Leicester Stovell still wants a check for being a jump off. Continue »

Kid Rock Must Pay Up For Beatdown Of Man In Georgia Waffle House


A jury ruled that Kid Rock will have to pay $40,000 to a man who says he was assaulted at a Waffle House in 2007 in Georgia by Kid Rock and his entourage who also smashed his cell phone. Continue »


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