His Maid’s Telling Him No… R.Kelly Allegedly Paid $100K To Stop Housekeeper’s Sexual Harassment Claim


We thought he didn’t like them after high school, but apparently when Robert is feeling freaky even the help can get it. Continue »

Lights Out…Or Not: Victim In Chris Brown D.C. Assault Case Says He Hits Like A Beyotch


The alleged “victim” in the D.C. assault case against Chris Brown speaks out… Continue »

Athletes & Hoes: Kevin Durant Sues Groupie-Booking Travel Agent Claiming She Cheated Him Out Of $500K!

Kevin Durant

“Keep yo eyes on yo riches” -Tupac Shakur Continue »

Lawsuits: Two Fans Suing Beyonce After Claiming They Suffered Broken Bones From Being Trampled At Her Concert

Looks like ‘Yonce might have to fork over a couple stacks… Continue »


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