Officer Ricky is Down… Officer Ricky is Down!!!

Officer Ricky

Officer Ricky had a show over the weekend and as he was getting into his performance… He fell straight on his FAT A$$!!! All we can say is CODE 10: MAN DOWN!!!

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When the Checks Stop Coming in: Mariah Gets Desperate to Sell CD’s and Hits up the Today Show


With the world missing Mariah’s album release date, her album is only predicted to sell 170K units.  So she’s pulling out tricks to sell albums, including going to the Today Show displaying a possible gut full of______.

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Common & Friends Come Together for a Benefit Concert in Los Angeles

Common & Queen Latifah

Common and few of his friends came together for a benefit concert to raise money for The Common Ground Foundation. Oldie but Goodie De La Soul was in the building along with Queen Latifah, Nas and more. Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin???

kelly sanaa

Kelly Rowland and Sanaa Lathan were both spotted on the streets…Sanaa in Hollyweird and Kelly in London (her favorite place). We gotta ask, Who Looked More Bangin???

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Catch Fade: Trey Songz Fans Scrapping For a Shirt


When Trey Songz tossed his shirt into a crowd of hot and screaming ladies at his concert, things got way out of hand and a fight ensued.

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Common and The Roots Invaded Atlanta with Hennessey


Common and The Roots have teamed up with Hennessey to do a couple of free concerts for their fans. The crowd had an old school surprise performance.

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Damn Lupe, Get a Haircut Bruh…


Lupe Fiasco had a concert on Governor’s Island in NYC over the weekend and debuted this nappy shag for the audience to see.  We aren’t feeling it not to mention that style was retired months ago.

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J.Hud is Still Carrying that Baby Weight


Jennifer Hudson performed on the VH1 Diva’s special last night, along with Jordin Sparks and others.  Maybe it’s the wrong outfit choice or the way the light hits the metallic around the midsection, but she’s looking really hefty.  More pics under the hood.

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Kanye West On Jay Leno Talking About “The Incident,” his Mom, and Performs with Jay-Z and Rihanna

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It sounds like our boy Kanye is on something heavy. When people start acting out, it is a call for help usually. Wonder if Kanye was on straight Henny (with no coke?). TAKE THE TIME OFF YAY!

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What In the F*ck Was Lil Mama On Stage For Last Night?


Everyone already knew that Lil Mama was tacky, but last night when she jumped on stage, attention whoring like GaGa during Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ performance, we could not help but get angry at the ugly little thing. It was just not right…

What Is Wrong With This Picture??

Inside the MTV VMA’s 09…


The MTV VMA pre swag… Flip the hood to see who’s behind the scenes and on stage rehearsing for the big night. Continue »

Live and Direct: Mariah Carey Dressed Up Like a Fairy

mariah carey 120909

Butterflies, Rainbows, Charm Bracelets…and now a fairy. SMH. MiMi performed in Vegas this weekend in this interesting frock while swinging on a swing. We now know why her and Nick get along so well…similar child-like mentalities.

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Camel’s Number 1 Stan Tina Knowles Throws Up The Roc

Tina Knowles watches Jay-Z perform at Madison Square Garden

LOL at her old ass throwing it up. Pure comedy. Flip the script for a ton of pics from Jay-Z’s 9/11 benefit concert at Madison Square Garden… Continue »

Sir Lucious Left Foot Performs at the BMI Awards


Big Boi performed at the BMI Awards in NY last night. We when first saw this picture, all we could do was SMH but then we found out that he was perfoming with the infamous George Clinton and Bootsy Collins.

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Trey Songz is Gazing Into Wendy the Man’s Eyes

Trey Songz performed on the Wendy Williams Show to promote his new album “READY.” After his performance, he couldn’t take his eyes off Wendy the Tranny. Did he feel a connection or was he trying to figure out, is she really a MAAAAAANNNN under all that get up???

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