Who Is This Sweaty Party Animal??


At the 2009 J&R MusicFest this sweaty stud was spotted making it do what it do… while wet. Other guest were, Clipse, Sean Garrett, and more.

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Katy Perry… Are You Giving Yourself the Finger on Stage??? … Get a Room

v festival chelmsford day two 2 230809
Katy Perry is always wearing some weird outfit on stage but now these pics are a little questionable. It appears that she is pleasing herself while performing. Maybe she needs an audience in order to get it off. What do ya’ll think.. Pics are under the hood.

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Miley Cyrus + Stripper Poles + Teen Choice Awards Equals… Ya’ll Fill in the Blank

Miley Cyrus is the latest teenie bopper that the young girls love these days. At the Teen Choice Awards, she decides to bring out a stripper pole during her performance. What message is this sending to little girls??? SMH

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Have You Seen Big Daddy Kane Lately???


Big Daddy Kane was and still is a favorite to many and also used to make the ladies panties wet with his flow. Last night, he performed at the Lyricist Lounge Show in Brooklyn.

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Kanye West…”Dance N**ga Dance!”

Kanye West

Someone snuck some video footage out of Cipriani’s G-Shock event the other day of a very controversial song  performed by Kanye. The song he dropped is decadent towards the media, but also his own fame and fortune.

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Mariah Carey and Her Shoes Work it Out on America’s Got Talent

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey performed Obsessed last night on America’s Got Talent which is also the show that her scripture, tweeting hubby hosts. Mariah and her shoes were not getting along but they made it through the performance. We couldn’t tell who was more excited that she was there… Nick or the audience.

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Some Morning Fug

lil wayne 050809

The ultimate sperm-producer Weezy F. Baby got his buffalo stance on at his concert in Toronto….Why the f*ck is ole boy standing like that wearng a shirt that says “Happy”??? SMH.

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Live and Direct: Jamie Foxx and the Stanky Face

Jamie Foxx performs at the Arie Crown Theater

Here are some pics of the funny and talented dude Jamie Foxx performing in Chicago. Check on the flip side for even more pics of Jamie as well as Jay-Z performing in Jersey…. Continue »

Get Well: Drake Busts His A*s On Stage Trying to Dance and Ends Up Hurt

aadrakefall copy

Drake and Lil Wayne were performing together when Drake took a nasty fall and ended up hurt. Drake will need surgery. Pop it to see the video of Wheelchair Jimmy…. Continue »

For the Stans: Beyonce in Vegas

Beyonce performs at Wynn Las Vegas

Happy Saturday Stans. Here is your girl Bey doing what she does best in Las Vegas…performing while wearing some crazy tranny makeup. Flip the script for more… Continue »

For the Children: Kanye West’s Hometown Performance Plus Q&A’s From Kids

Kanye did a benefit concert in Chicago, his home town. He got real personal in this show because he even took questions from the kids in the crowd he is trying to help. Continue »

Does Ginuwine Still Have What it Takes???


The other night when Diddy ‘s appeared on The Late Show… Ginuwine and Missy were in the building to perform G’s new song. Ginuwine was trying to bring back those Ride That Pony moves… Continue »

Maxwell Performs On Good Morning America


Notice that side eye? Well, it was real. Maxwell performed “Pretty Wings” yesterday on GMA.

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Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Prince All Rockin’! Circa 1983: Some of the Greatest Vintage Footage Ever!!!

janet, james, michael, and sharpton

When James Brown called Michael Jackson on stage in 1983 it was a legendary moment in black entertainment history…but when they called Prince down, it turned iconic and historic.

Peep Michael’s sick drop, but make sure you watch Prince leave the stage chest naked and take the stage prop with him after all he did on the mic was “squawk.”

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SMH: Ne-Yo Is More Sensitive Than a Grandmother and Has a Nervous Breakdown On Stage

Ne-Yo was on stage last night balling like a school girl. The show had to be postponed leading the crowd to boo the sensitive crooner. This metro-mess is going too far…

Act like a man for Petes sake!


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