John Legend and Estelle Break Vegas

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John Legend and Estelle were in Las Vegas last night performing at the Pearl in The Palms Casino Resort. John and his scarf-steez’ have been doing the damn thing. Bossip might catch up with him on Tuesday.

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Keyshia Cole Does Kansas City

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Look at your girl Keyshia Cole letting her music just take her away as she performed along with Lil’ Wayne and T-Pain in Kansas City, Missouri.  Watch your step, baby girl…we’d hate to have to clown that ass if you hit the deck like you know who.

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Looks Tasty

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Angel Diva and Nisha Rock Star of Pretty Money

Check out these chicas, Angel Diva (l) and Nisha Rock Star of Pretty Money as they performed in Miami at club Sobe. Homegirl on the left is looking at the hairy-legged one like it’s about to be on and poppin’.  Don’t hurt nobody.

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Live Performance: D. Woods and Mika Means

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Mika Means and D. Woods

D. Woods and Mika Means of the Girls Club performed at Sobe nightclub in Miami. Seeing as all of the members weren’t there, it looks like it might be a wrap on this Girls Club foolishness before it even got started.  Maybe it’s all for the best anyway.  SMH

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J-Hud to Perform at Inauguration

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In spite of all the hard-ships Jennifer Hudson had to endure during 08, the one ray of light had to be Barack Obama’s victory. What better reason, and forefront  for J-Hud to return to the game than his inauguration: Continue »

T.I. Performs in Miami

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T. I.

T.I. performed at a New Year’s Eve celebration at Gansevoort South in Miami which probably made the transition from ’08 to ’09 for the partygoers an entertaining one. If only they could return the favor to help ease his transition from popular rapper to skinny guy in the big house. Damn.

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New Steez Alert: Young Jeezy Grows a Beard?!?!

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It was on and poppin’ over the weekend in NY at the 2008 Holiday Bash concert. Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Ryan Leslie, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, TI and Jeezy were all on hand to participate in the festivities.

We like Jeezy, but the beard… not so much.  Who’s feelin’ Jeezy’s new steez?

More pics below.


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Plies Knocks Down Houston

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Ladies, if you like your men 5′ 5″ and with a gravel mouth, then Houston’s Bar-Rio was the place to be for you last night. Plies knocked down some songs, and probably a few bust it babies in the process.

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Live From the “Chi”: Lil’ Wayne, T-Pain, and Keyshia Cole

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Lil’ Wayne, Keyshia Cole, and T-Pain got it in at the WGCI Big Jam ’08 in Chicago, IL. We ain’t trying to be funny, but that thick ass midget with the face paint on is some scary, scary sh*t. SMH @ a krumpin’ midget.

More pics for you below.
Keyshia ColeLil' WayneT-Pain

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Keri Hilson and Jazmine Sullivan Give a Valiant Effort

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Keri Hilson and Jazmine Sullivan

Apparently, the audience at the Power 96 “World’s Largest Office Christmas Party” at Iguana Pines had better things to do than to watch Keri Hilson and Jazmine Sullivan sing their hearts out. We’ll give these two chicas an A for their efforts anyway.  We know Bossipers would gladly trade places with those jacka$$es to see these ladies perform live.

Ace Hood, Keri Hilson, Rick Ross, and Flo-Rida for you below.
Ace HoodKeri HilsonRick RossFlo-Rida

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