For the Stans: Bey Bey, Her Jelly, and Her Boo Perform at the 2009 EMA’s

beyonce ema

Beyonce performed at the 2009 EMA’s wearing this little red number and showing off those thighs once again. Her husband Jay-Z performed at the European Awards as well with Alicia Keys.

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*Exclusive Pics*: Lenny Kravitz After Party


The other night in Atlanta, we tweeted that we were at the after party for the Lenny Kravitz Concert, and we also told you who was in the building. We finally got some pics from that night…

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Just When We Thought Lil’ Kim was Slippin’ Back… She Flips the Scrip


Lil’ Kim was performing in Switzerland earlier this week. We just heard Kim is back in the studio working on a new album. After looking at these flicks, you can’t help but think she is slippin’ back into the raunchy raw Kim until we saw her new photo shoot…

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Chris Brown Is Officially Back. Well, According to Some…


Your boy Breezy had his first performance since the beat-down for NYC’s  Powerhouse 2009. Keri Hilson and Trey Songz tweeted about his return to the stage.

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The Poster Child for Baby Gap Does it Big for the Kids


Russell Simmons, Keri Hilson and others were at the 4th Annual Stay in School Pep Rally in Tribeca last night. They put on a free concert for the kids and Uncle Rush spoke about staying in school and graduating.

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For the Stans: Bey Bey Performs in Beijing

beyonce 251009

Your girl Beyonce was in China this weekend performing, while Jay-Z was somewhere wishing he could have some babies…

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Jay-Z is Soooooo Ready for Kids… Beyonce Better Get it Together


The other night, Jay-Z was performing in Rhode Island and brought a little boy up on stage. He asked the little boy where his mother was, paid her a compliment and then asked if she had a boyfriend. Bey Bey… you might want to hurry up and pop out a kid because your hubby may be on the prowl…

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Question of the Day: Should the “King of R&B” Throw in the Towel????

Singer Bobby Brown performs at B.B. King Blues Club2

Bobby Brown performed at BB Kings last night looking like this. We know Bobby has overcome some demons, but do you all think he should continue life in the music industry???

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Backstage With Camel


Jay-Z performed in Cleveland the other night and Lebron came out to support like a jock strap. The backstage party looked off the chain with Lebron and Pharrell just kicking it.

Hova and Keri Hilson performed last night in Philly at Powerhouse…pop it and peep more Continue »

Poor Whitney…


Whitney was on X-Factor, and we watched the performance thinking, she didn’t do that bad. The rest of the world is calling her performance the worst by her, EVER.

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DMX Gets Into Scrap With Police and Is Beaten Like He Stole Something… All Video Taped!!!


DMX’s voice is pure comedy on the video when he says…”For what? You aint no police!.” DMX and his staff tried to bum-rush the stage only to have him and his weak team get handled by one-time


Kelly Rowland… Where’s Your Stylist???


Kelly Rowland is still on her international grind. She had a performance and decided to wear this get up. Now, we like each piece SEPARATELY… not together. Then the fanny pack… that’s just a bit much.

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Maxwell: I Don’t Care If You’re Riding the Crimson Wave… Just Put Some Towels Down!!!


The other night while performing in Atlanta, Maxwell made the statement:

I don’t care if it’s that time of the month, we can put towels down.

Now, we all know Maxwell is a freak but what we want to know is… Continue »

Officer Ricky is Down… Officer Ricky is Down!!!

Officer Ricky

Officer Ricky had a show over the weekend and as he was getting into his performance… He fell straight on his FAT A$$!!! All we can say is CODE 10: MAN DOWN!!!

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When the Checks Stop Coming in: Mariah Gets Desperate to Sell CD’s and Hits up the Today Show


With the world missing Mariah’s album release date, her album is only predicted to sell 170K units.  So she’s pulling out tricks to sell albums, including going to the Today Show displaying a possible gut full of______.

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