Fat Joe Is A Slimmy Trimmy Too… Rapper Drops 88 LBS — Wasn’t Tryin’ To Go Out Like Pun! [Video]

Fat Joe before and after

We gotta start calling Fat Joe “Lean Backs” cuz he just went from 350 lbs to 260-something in nine months! Continue »

Which Gorgeous African Banger Just Gave Up This $6 Million Ocean View??

This former model turned Hollyweird leading lady just sold this beach front “weekend home” in Cali, which she shared with her ex-boyfriend for seven years. Can you guess whose house this used to be? Continue »

For Discussion: How Long Can A Couple Remain Unmarried After They’ve Had A Child?

Kourtney and Scott have been together for years, broken up, had a son, and got back together, but still no wedding ring… Continue »

This Guy Is Officially E-V-E’s Rap Retirement Plan

Eve Maximillian Cooper Gumball 3000

This is Eve‘s British race car driver boo Maximillion Cooper. Continue »

Where Is Kim Porter???

Diddy on the boat

Let the pictures tell it, never with her kids… or their daddy. Continue »

Congratulations: Biggie’s Daughter Tyanna Graduates From High School!!

Can you believe that Big has been dead so long that his daughter is graduating high school??? Continue »


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