10 Vacation Spots You Might Not Have Thought Of

If the pressures of your real life are getting the best of you, it’s time for an escape. Continue »

Rehab Center Brings In Extra Security To Make Sure That Ted Williams Handles His Business

Ted Williams entered a rehab clinic thursday and they have boosted security to top-notch levels so that nosy-a$$ media can’t be all in the recovery Kool-Aid.

According to TMZ reports:

The rehab center where “Golden Voice” Ted Williams is seeking treatment has already gone into lockdown mode — bringing in extra security to make sure their most famous patient can stay focused.

TMZ has learned Williams checked in to Origins Recovery Center in South Texas around 10:00 PM Thursday night … where officials have also added additional screen paneling to block the paparazzi.

We’re told the average cost of a three-month stay runs around $49,000 … and Williams is on an all-expenses paid “scholarship.” We’re told Dr. Phil is not the benefactor.

No word on how long Williams plans to stay at the center.

Damn, they treating’ ol’ Ted Willy like he’s Barry O or somebody…play on playa.

Never On Schedule, But Always On Time…South Carolina Man Wins Lottery With His Last Dollars

They say God works in mysterious ways, and this story is about as mysterious as it gets. Continue »

Guess Which Billionaire Is Moving Into This Super Normal Crib

The 20-something billionaire who lives here could buy and sell all of our houses/apartment complexes/mama’s couches at least a dozen times over without batting an eyelash. His father probably couldn’t. Can you guess who’s crib this is? Continue »

Exclusive: Is This Melyssa Ford’s Newest Young Tender??

Melyssa Ford Young Lace

Our Cali sources tell us this 22-year-old rapper is the man currently responsible for smashing Melyssa Ford’s cakes to smithereens. Continue »

Little Diggy Simmons Wants You To Know It Ain’t A Game

Diggy Simmons

Uh oh! Look who’s smelling and feeling himself a little too much! Continue »

Kimmy Cakes Reported To Star In Her Own Superbowl Commercial, But For Which Company???

Kim Kardashian Kris Jenner Skechers Shape-Ups

The rich get richer. Kim Kardashian has been hired by the sneaker company Sketchers to be the face of their new Superbowl ad for their “Shape-Ups” shoes. Continue »

Has Cake-less Cassie Cultivated A Crazy Cult Congregation?

Cassandra Ventura has been the subject of a polarizing debate since her debut on the music scene in 2006 with her smash Myspace-turned-radio hit “Me and U”. Some love her because she’s fine as fizzzuck, others for her fashion sense, and some people just love to hate her. Continue »

The Beautiful and Talented Regina King Covers Essence Magazine

She’s been makin’ moves in this the entertainment buisness for almost 30 years now, from acting to epic voice-overs (She plays BOTH Huey and Riley in the hit cartoon The Boondocks. This month, Regina King sits with Essence to talk about her personal life. Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin??? Ke$ha Or Ted Williams???

This week is officially Ted Williams’ week, after numerous interviews, appearances, even a couple of paying gigs, America has watched a homeless man rise to fame. However, Mr. Williams is not the first “trashy” celebrity to pop up on our radar recently. Pop “sensation” Ke$ha brought her homeless chic style “talents” to the scene last year, so the question begs to be asked…

Who looked more bangin???

Mega Millions Winner Says He Ain’t About To Blow All That Dough On Bullsh*t

jim mccullar mega millions winner

We would have a heart attack too:

Jim McCullar said his wife thought he was having a heart attack when he realized he’d just won the big Mega Millions lottery jackpot. Continue »

Evelyn And OchoCinco Take Their Made-For-TV Love Overseas

Chad OchoCinco Johnson Evelyn Lozada Miami International Airport

Now that he doesn’t have Playoffs or the Superbowl to worry about, Ochocinco whisked his future Celebreality co-star wife Evelyn Lozada to Spain for a little R&R. Continue »

MiMi AKA “mommyMC” Gets A Phantom Double R Worth 400 Stacks For Christmas

mariah carey new phantom rolls royce

Damn, Mariah Carey got one helluva present this holiday: Continue »


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