True or False: Pleasure P is Getting it in with Eddie Murphy’s Daughter…


Pleasure P and Bria were spotted walking the streets of Atlanta looking real close, like he wasn’t boyfriend #2.

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New Couple???: Luda Gets It In With Howard Alumnus at Homecoming

ludaand queen

Luda and the lady who appears to be his new queen, went to Howard University’s Homecoming this past weekend. He stayed in his usual luxury suite with ole girl pictured up top. We did not know they were getting it in, since “she” was seen with Lamar Odom…

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Look at What We Have Here…


Janet was spotted sitting next to Will. I. Am at the UFC fight last night. Hmm…. Another pic of the two under the hood. Continue »

Rashida Jones & John Mayer: Publicity Stunt or Just the Right Place at the Right Time???


Rashida Jones, Quincy Jones’ daughter, is always known for floating to the other side. The other night, it was said that Rashida was seen on a hot, steamy date with John Mayer at the Chateau Marmount, but now her PR is saying that it’s not true…

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Eddie Murphy’s Daughter Finally Gets Her Own Check

lil murphy copy

Eddie Murphy’s oldest daughter, Bria Murphy, is cheesing in the new Gucci Mane video with Usher. We think the young lady is pretty enough, although she does resemble Eddie in this pic.

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Soulja Boy & Trina in Jamaica… TOGETHER!!!

Soulja Boy4

They say you can’t believe everything you hear but what about EVERYTHING YOU SEE??? Soulja Boy is down in Jamaica for a show and on his down time, he took Trina for a ride. Don’t believe us??? Of course you don’t…

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Meet Letoya Luckett’s New Piece of Man Meat


Letoya Luckett was spotted sitting court side at the LA Clippers game with her new boo. Flip the hood to peep who has the pleasure of  chopping her down. Continue »

Taking the “Amber Rose Route” to Stardom: New Pics of Drake’s Little Piece

Drakeandgirlfriend copy

Drake’s piece is a video model slash rapper slash singer. She’s the girl who did the lead in the Best I Ever Had video. Her name is something like “Shakur,” and she has a new spread in XXL.

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Lisa Raye Talks About her New Man


Lisa Raye talked about her publicity stunt relationship with Al Sharpton.

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Swirl Alert: Is Jamie Foxx Chopping Down Kirstie Alley???


According to Kirstie Alley’s Twitter page, she and Mr. Foxx are more than just friends. Continue »

Kelly Rowland is Into Swirlin’ Accessories


Kelly Rowland made an appearance at the MOBO Awards in Glasgow, Scotland last night with a swirlin’ accessory on her arm. They would probably just come off as friends but we’re not so sure that you would hold onto your “friend”  like this.

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Coupled Up: Floyd Mayweather & Chilli???


Chilli and Floyd made their couple debut at an event in Atlanta.  Chilli was there to present an award to Sen. Kasim Reed who is running for Mayor of Atlanta.  Sources say that Chilli was parading around with Floyd like he was the best thing since sliced bread even though she swears they’re just friends.

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New Couple??? Rihanna and Justin Timberlake


Bossip has learned that Rih-Rih has moved on from Chris and Janero to a better man. According to sources, Justin Timberlake has been “Running the Town” with Rihanna lately.

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Al Sharpton is Choppin’ Down Lisa Raye and Hits Up WWE Wrestling RAW … GTFOH


Al Sharpton was the guest host on WWE Raw last night and was also seen on the scene holding onto Lisa Raye tighter than a rat-tail comb. Pop the hood for the details.

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You’ll Never Guess Who Lil Wayne’s New Piece is…


Bossip has learned that Weezy is continuing his mission to fu*k every girl in the world and has since moved on from Nivea and Lauren to a new side piece.

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