*Bossip Exclusive* Michelle Williams Has a New Man


A close insider has spilled the beans on a supposed love affair with old Destiny’s Child member, Michelle Williams, and a producer.

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Isn’t He Married???


Attention ho Joe Jackson was spotted getting his shine on more than Jermaine under the moonlight.  He was kicking it at Jay-Z’s after party all swirled up with this unknown chick.  Pop the hood for another flick of Joe and his response to Kanye’s VMA behavior.

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This Album Cover Belongs to Solange’s New Boo… WALE


Solange and rapper Wale are now an item and the two were spotted chillin’ on a blanket together in Central park with the common folk earlier this week. Continue »

Jessica White Lets TO’s Girls Mo and Kita Know There’s a New Head B*tch in Town!


Watch TO’s new girl Victoria Secret model Jessica White go in on his best friends and publicists Mo and Kita during a recent episode of Terrell’s  reality show. Continue »

Keri’s New Piece…


Some pics of Keri and her boyfriend Errol of 2 years have surfaced. Catch more of Keri and her Bahama Breeze of a mandingo after the jump. Continue »

Toya’s New Man Says He’s No Chris Brown


Lil Wayne’s ex wife Toya has finally moved on from her virus of a baby daddy, and landed a spot next to James Hardy of the Buffalo Bills who is an alleged woman beater. Continue »

CBS Anchor Katie Couric: Michael Jackson Wanted to Chop Me Down


I guess late night talk is the new place to air out all MJ’s dirty laundry! According to correspondent Katie Couric Michael Jackson tried to make a pass at her through his Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. Continue »

New Couple?


Wouldn’t Letoya and Life make a great couple? The two were spotted at BB Kings last night performing for Power Live in NYC.  More pics of the new pair plus more under the hood.

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Diddy: MJ Wanted to Chop Down Beyonce Before Joe Camel Came Into Picture


Diddy was on Letterman last night and talked about MJ’s game at his annual “White Party” and how the greatest entertainer of all time wanted to chop down Beyonce. Continue »

Tyler Perry Actor Terrell Carter Allegedly Has Some New Man Candy


Looks like that Twittering Terrell Carter fellow has gotten over that Alex Cortez dude in the picture above and has moved on to some new meat. We heard that he is dating someone that you ladies might be a fan of already…flip the script to see who it is… Continue »

The Morning After: RiRi Leaves Rashard Lewis’ Apartment Without Pants


Not even a week after the Chris Brown court case and RiRi’s gettin’ buck with her latest conquest Orlando Magic’s Rashard Lewis. Damn RiRi, we’ve heard of the walk of shame but this takes things to another level.

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BDR’s Latest Purchase

BDR and Noemie

BDR has got to be one of the luckiest men alive. He goes from model to model, from white to black and everything in between without missing a beat. His newest piece, Noemie, is a certified banger.

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Usher’s New Chick – Grace Miguel

Usher and Grace Miguel

Could Usher have shut down Tameka Foster because of his new older woman, Grace Miguel? She’s 42, a music executive for Def Jam and about to have her business all over the net. He’s been separated from Tameka for a year and we know Usher isn’t the one to be ridin’ solo for long. Pop the top for more

Kanye West Featuring Rihanna in “Paranoid” Video

Kanye has Rihanna signifying her latest situations in his newest video, Paranoid.  We don’t know if he is soaking up her panties or not, but we can tell you that Kanye is getting some looks of lust, deceit, devilish, and wanting from RiRi.

Chop that one down Ye, no one will be mad.

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New Couple: Drake and Teyana?


First Rihanna and now Teyana? Drake moves fast doesn’t he? Pop the lid for more pics of the new couple Continue »