But, Why?: Gay Group “The Freaky Boiz” Remake Friday Movie For Rap Video [Video]

Really… How many people are going to support gay rappers? Bumping a gay rap album in your lowrider through the hood doesn’t seem realistic.

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New Memphis Bleek “Thanks I Get It” Music Video With Vintage Pictures With Jay-Z [Video]

Memphis Bleek is still in the streets, they say. These guys are on a whole other level.

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Beyonce “Drunk In Love”: Gospel Remix [Video]

“I rebuke you Satan! In Jesus Name… Be Drunk In Love With The Spirit” – What Hard Core Christian Moms Say When DIL Comes On

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Back Dropping N-Bombs Again: V-Nasty New Video “1,2,3,4” With N-Words Laced Through Jawn [Video]

The White Girl Mob has gone solo and it looks like V Nasty was a little too hard core with the n-bombs for the others to back, commercially.

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Is This About Getting Back With Nas?: New Kelis “Rumble” Music Video Is Strange [Video]

Or, is this about her sidepiece she supposedly had while married to Nas?

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Chris Brown Ft Lil Wayne & Tyga “Loyal” Music Video [Video]

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